Thursday, February 18, 2016

Store Bought Riced Cauliflower

The Headlines:

This stuff is going to blow your mind.

Looks like rice. 

Tastes better than rice.

Healthier than rice.

A while back a friend of mine told me about this stuff... she said she made fried "rice" with it... only it wasn't rice.  Her kids gobbled it up.  Now mine do too!

What is it you ask?  It's Riced Cauliflower.  You can do it on your own with a head of cauliflower... or you can just buy this:  

Yep, the good people at Trader Joe's are one step ahead of ya!  I know we all love that place.  Annnnnnnnd it's Organic too!  Can it GET any better?

But here's the catch (my friend warned me), it's rarely available because everyone buys it up!  She was right.  When I went in months ago, I never found it.  Turns out there's 2 reasons why: it's fairly hard to make and, according to the guys at TJ's, there was a cauliflower shortage in California.  Not to mention the company who makes and packages it for Trader's rations it.  They get 2 cases at a time.  That's nothing.  So I never was able to buy it until last week.  From across the frozen section I spotted it for the first time.  Could it be?  Was it true?  I bought multiples.  I asked, "What gives? How did little ol' me get so lucky?"  They said...

***BREAKING NEWS*** it's now available in the fresh produce section!  So people have 2 options.  Actually, they didn't say the breaking news part, I added that, it's the reporter in me.

Those TJ people - always thinking!

Anyways,  I took it home and cooked it up.  So easy!  Pan.  Olive Oil. Garlic. Broccoli.  I added the "Rice"... then some edamame... I scrambled 2 eggs and mixed them in.  Used garlic powder, salt (lots), pepper, I stirred.  We ate.  

It could use some extra color.  Throw carrots, peppers or something in it if you choose.

Total success.  My kids thought it was a special rice.  It is.  They didn't even blink.  Ate it up.  Yours will too.  

Now ask me why I'm telling you about it?  No, Trader Joe's or the Cauliflower Growers Association does NOT pay me to say this (although I wish they did).  And yes, there now will be more competition to get the stuff... I may NEVER be able to find it again.  But my motivation is simple.  It's just too good NOT to share!  You're welcome.

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