Thursday, March 19, 2015

5 Ways to Bring Spring In!

The Headlines:

It's still cold outside (in some places).

So bring Spring inside.

Call it "Spring-erize!"

Every year, about this time... I get inspired.  I want to lighten things up and "Spring-erize!"  You may or may not know I change the decor with every season.  So I also have "Summer-ize, Fall-erize and Winter-ize" - meaning a change of decor 4 times a year.  Well, with Christmas, I guess it's 5!  Oooooo that sounds like a lot but it's really not.  The changes aren't anything major - but they're enough to keep it fresh all the time.  I know it sounds daunting, especially if you have children and you're - you know - busy every second... but just watch...  here are

We're talking simple stuff here.  Oh, that also costs little to NO MONEY!  Here we go...

#1 Bring the Outside In
This tip gets really old because it's often said but that's because - well - it's true!  Go outside (or to your local market) and get things that are growing.  I can NOT tell you how many of my friends have lemon trees in their backyard.  I am doing them a favor by taking some!  Limes, grapefruits or oranges are pretty too.  Then of course there's flowers, herbs basically anything that looks good... bring it inside.  Put them in a bowl and it's a burst of color.  Just be careful of bugs.  

#2 Pastels Everywhere
This one's easy too.  Look for pastels... and use them.  Let your mind go crazy!  Keep in mind, however, there's power in numbers.  More of whatever-the-item-is... the better! These are just pink candles.  Up above in the first picture there's Fruit Loops cereal, down below there's candy.  Open your eyes to anything... you'll be surprised what you see!

#3  Decorate with Easter Eggs (or Easter Grass)
Easter grass (not pictured on this post) can be really pretty.  Put a bunch of it in a jar or sitting below candles.  I've done it before but not this year.  Easter eggs, also pretty.  You can color code them (like pictured here) or just put a bunch in one spot.  What's easier than that? 

#4 Lighten Up
This may be more about what you don't do than what you do...
Get the idea?  Put away things.  Dare I say Spring clean?  Take the throws, remove some pillows, pack away heavy items and bring in Spring!  Use whites right along with pastels.  White always looks fresh, clean and new - everything Spring is supposed to be!  (And/or go to IKEA or Home Goods to get the items pictured below - so cute and so cheap!)

#5  Put Out "Springy" Pictures 
I use this trick all the time.  So I apologize if you've heard it before.  It just really changes the mood for someone who comes to your home to visit.  Why?  Because guests look at pictures.  If there's an Easter picture up they didn't see at Christmas... they notice!

Plus, it puts our family in the mood too... it reminds us of the feelings that went along with that time of year... how special it was and how exciting it will be again!

Not to mention, we were probably all wearing pastels (#2)!  ;)


  1. Inexpensive and easy ways to jazz up the house for spring. I love stopping by your page, Nicole, because every time I do, I pick up at least one more good idea to make my life better. Thanks!

    1. kay, i think that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me on this blog! thank u so very much!!!

  2. I plan on doing a little Spring cleaning to ring in the season. Great post

  3. Love these springtime ideas-- so so cute--love the colorful fruit loops!!

    1. can't go wrong with fruit loops. just don't eat them! i decorate with them but won't allow my kids to have them for breakfast!

  4. Great tips! And you're right, these are truly easy.... :)

  5. Very cute! I love decorating with Easter eggs and glitter grass in my apothecary jars!!

  6. How did I miss this post?! So really need your own DIY show...seriously. Very cute ideas!


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