Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Free Stuff on your Birthday!

The Headlines:

When you or someone you know has a birthday...

Get something FREE.

Here are some ideas.

When I was a little girl, every time my birthday came we would usually head out sometime around my big day and eat.  And inevitably, my Mom would sneak away and tell the server it was my special day and they would bring a treat on the house.

It used to be a little embarrassing.  I'm bad at asking for things "free."  But I've noticed times have changed!  Now, companies WANT you to come in to get something FREE on your birthday in hopes that either A) you'll return and spend more later or B) you'll spend money there that you wouldn't have - had you not come in to get something FREE!  So, man, it's your day - live it UP.  Not to mention: got kids?  They're money pits!  If you can nab something for FREE I say go for it.  I guess my Mom was way ahead of her time...

Because check out all the FREE things you can get now on your birthday!

Arby's - FREE Milkshake
Baja Fresh - FREE Burrito
Baskin Robbins - FREE Ice Cream
Dairy Queen - FREE Blizzard
Denny's - FREE Entree
DSW - FREE 5$ gift coupon
Dunkin Donuts- FREE Coffee
Harkins Theatres - FREE medium popcorn
IHOP - FREE entree
Joe's Crabshack - FREE App
Johnny Rockets - FREE Burger
Kona Grill - FREE Meal (up to $15)
Panera Bread - FREE Pastry
Red Robin - FREE Burger
Rubio's - FREE Meal (up to $7)
Ruby Tuesday - FREE Burger
Souper Salad - FREE Salad Buffet
Snowbowl, AZ - FREE Lift Ticket
Sprinkles - FREE Cupcake
TCBY - FREE Frozen Yogurt
Oregano's - FREE Pizzookie
The Melting Pot - FREE Chocolate covered strawberries

When I was reporting in Phoenix, Arizona I remember doing a story at a woman's house who had developed a website totally dedicated to telling people what they can get for FREE on their big day.  I looked her up and, guess what? Looks like she's still going strong!  You can visit the website HERE and once you plug in your state... the FREE birthday treats start pouring in.

I will say this... you may want to check websites or call ahead just to make sure they're still giving the FREE stuff away - because the only thing that could really damper a FREE treat on your birthday - is having to pay for it!  


  1. omg-- I totally love this post. My birthday is just a few months away. Totally going to hit up all the freebies!! LOVE THIS!

  2. Love this! I am obsessed with getting things for FREE!

  3. Love this! There are also beauty companies that do freebies for birthdays, too!

  4. WHAT?! Free pastries at Panera?! This is an awesome idea for a post...sharing for you!

  5. WHAT?! Free pastries at Panera?! This is an awesome idea for a post...sharing for you!

  6. My birthday is just days away... love all the free things these companies give away to help you celebrate!

  7. I am sooooo glad that I did not see this earlier. Today is my birthday and I would have eaten my way through the day even more than I, already, did!!!


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