Thursday, March 5, 2015

Best Black Bean Soup Recipe Ever!

The Headlines:

I love a good Black Bean Soup.

This one is the best.

And, as always, takes mere minutes to prepare!

Since we're still a wee chilled out there... figured I would share a recipe that is near and dear to my heart.  Why?  Because this soup warms my heart down into my soul when I eat it - it's that good.  I, for one, happen to love soups.  Brothy is good, creamy is better and beans is a magical fruit - done!  

Typically, I order soups at a restaurant as a first course or a light lunch but I also buy soups for sick days, cold days or rainy days.  Occasionally, I make them.  Sometimes ya gotta just turn it up a notch -  especially if it's almost as easy as opening a package.

As always, this soup takes like 5 minutes to make.  

Here's what you need: 
1 tspn olive oil
1 pint fresh salsa
16 oz  can refried black beans
15 oz can drained black beans
14.5 oz low sodium chicken broth
sour cream (optional)
cilantro (optional)
avocado (optional)

Here's what you do:
Heat oil in pot.  Add salsa and cook, stirring a bit, for a couple minutes.  Add the refrained beans, black beans and broth - bring to a simmer.  Cook another 5 minutes.  Put into bowls.  Top with a dollop of sour cream if you choose and some cilantro.  Maybe a little extra salsa too.  Feeds 3-4 people.  I like a side of cut avocados with this... or you could also add that to the soup.  Major yum.  And, all things considered, healthy too.

Make it for a family friendly dinner tonight OR Cinco De Mayo is around the corner - this is an option for that too!  Add a margarita... the recipe HERE is to DIE for... and you are in for a delicious night!  I'm hungry already.


  1. Unfortunately I am not a bean lover but my husband certainly is so this is something I would definitely make for him. Thanks for sharing such a great variety of recipes.

  2. I will certainly try this! My boys love black beans and have recently expressed an interest in eating soup!! Plus i love me some avocado and sour cream..hehee!! PERFECT!!

  3. This looks delish and easy!! I need to give it a try, I love beans!!


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