Monday, March 10, 2014

Grilled Salad

The Headlines:

BBQ = Party

Grilled salad is easy to do and good to eat!

My family and I love to BBQ!  We can pretty much do it in Arizona all year long… in the Summer we're just required to do it before or after a dip in the pool.  One of my favorite sides to go with ______ fill in the blank is a grilled caesar.  It means that dinner is completely done on the grill.  That way you never have to leave the party to go into the kitchen!

Now, while it's clearly been established that I love salads - this one is truly different.  It's funny, when I speak of it - I get mixed reactions.  Lots of people wrinkle their nose in disapproval.  Others love the idea and some are just confused.  However, when I actually make it for guests - the reaction is never mixed - instead the rave reviews come pouring in.

Now here's the deal:  the main part is the grilling.  It really can be any salad.  I just happen to pick caesar usually.  You also need to use romaine hearts.  The "tighter" the better.  Because as the grilling happens, the lettuce wilts and separates.  It just gets sloppy.

Sometimes I make the Caesar dressing, but when I'm in a hurry, like last night, I just use my awesome Cardini's, which I've already raved about on this blog!   Otherwise, making the dressing below is quick and easy.

3 canned anchovy's drained and chopped
3 tablspns extra virgin olive oil
1 tblspn fresh lemon juice

Mash the anchovies into a paste.  Then mix it with the EVOO, lemon juice and add salt and pepper to taste. It's enough for about 4 hearts.

Basically, rinse hearts, spray olive oil on them and put on a nice, hot grill.  Keep them there about

8-10 minutes.  Until they are softened and streaked with brown "char".  We also grilled an onion and used it.  That's a longer process so it needs a head start.  Same thing, spray olive oil on it but set it indirectly over the heat for about 30 minutes.  For the record, this is all my husband.  He's the griller.  Completely and whole-heartedly.  And he's good!

Anyways, once he's done he likes to cut it up and serve it like below.

I, on the other hand, much prefer to serve it all in tact.  As seen at the top of this post.  I think it's prettier that way.  Makes more of a statement.

Bottom line, it's good.  Grilled salad is different and yummy.  It will be a change in your typical BBQ menu you won't regret!!!  So don't wait for the weekend, take a time out mid-week.  I'm telling you, grilled salad is a party on a plate!


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