Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Clean your Life!

The Headlines:

Time to Spring Clean.

It can cleanse in more ways than one.

If you're one of the 10 people reading this blog you know I've been in the middle of remodeling madness.  During which time, I was a hoarder.  Huh, you say?  Oh, maybe you're the 11th person. Okay, a quick re-cap… all of our things had to come out of our 2 master closets (as well as office and bedroom) so it could be painted and re-floored.  But because of delays… it was about a 5 week process.  

Yes, a 5 week process.  

Living like that went against everything in my core being.  Same with BP's (my husband)  but it's true… just like many of you said… it was worth it.  It looks great.  More on that later… as it's not detailed done yet so no pictures.  But let me get to my point:  during our time putting things back - we truly did the "Spring Clean."  Something, I have actually never tried.  Old clothes went to the Goodwill, re-organization took place and dust was picked up like it never was before.  Wow.  It felt good in more ways than one.  

So I started to think… maybe there really is something to "Spring Cleaning."  It's debatable how the term originated - some say it has to do with the Jewish Passover, others say it's in anticipation of the Chinese New Year… here's what I say:  the sun starts to shine, the cold wears away and people want to climb out of their winter "hole," smell the flowers, like the little girl below (who happens to be my daughter) and start fresh again.  SPRING CLEAN.  

So why not take it further?  All that stuff you were supposed to do at the start of 2014… re-evaluate.  Did you accomplish those goals or resolutions?  If not, why?  

BP's "goal" was to shed a few pounds this year.  Not sure how he's doing there.  Part of mine was doing this blog and remodeling stuff.  How about you?  Where are you in all of that?  Maybe think about it when you physically Spring Clean… it's a time to start fresh in more ways than one.  Like a snake shedding the skin that he doesn't need anymore.  Good riddance.  So while you shed your "stuff" it may just roll over into the rest of your life.  For some reason, this morning I feel like a new woman.    One that's lighter, happier and healthier than before.  I didn't do a food cleanse, I didn't work out extra hard… I just picked up a mop, got some trash bags and went - to -  town!  
Now, this is just the beginning.  I still have more to do… but it feels like the start of something wonderful.  Isn't that what it's all about?  So Merry Spring, Happy St. Patty's Day - now go out and get started on the rest of your life! 


  1. Yes-- this is a reminder of all the CLEANING I need to do at my home! Spring Cleaning Time!!

  2. It's a pain but will make you feel so good when you're done!


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