Friday, March 7, 2014

I am a Hoarder

The Headlines:

I am One Picky Chick

Who happens, at this moment, to be One Big Hoarder

This is my dining room.  What?  Can't see the table? It's next to the globe, under the flowers.

No, not a glimpse?  Sorry.  We are hoarders. This - a perfect representation as to what we have been living in lately.

But fortunately, there's a reason I look like an episode out of the hit television show on A&E… it's because we started a remodeling project.  If you're one of the 10 people who read this blog, you may know that.

Unfortunately, we started the project… almost 4 weeks ago.

Uh-huh.  Because my painter was sick for a week and the scheduling with the floor people, what should have been 3 weeks is becoming much, much more.   So what started as a random clear the closets… put it anywhere, it's no big deal, cause it's only a few weeks… ended like this.

Hoarder Playroom   

Hoarder Living Room

Hoarder entry bench
Now, if you know me - for the most part, I am a person who likes to have everything in order.  I'm very picky about the way things look.  Hence, the name of my blog.  I strive for perfection, at least, perfection as I see it.  Especially in my house.  But, for the moment, Perfection is sitting at my front door while Hoarder is making himself right at home.

Not to mention, since we were getting a new floor, I let my painter just have at it without protecting the carpet.  Sooooooo….

the carpet's pretty much all one big drop cloth!

My poor daughter's room has even gotten in on the act… that's some of my office junk and my go-to clothes for the last few weeks.  All piled up.  So sad.

What's worse… I have no end in sight.  We are/were supposed to be starting our wood floors this Monday but one thing led to another and during his walk-thru the wood floor installer basically now says if we put in "new" wood floors… our "old" shower will ruin them.

He says the step (not visible here) out will leak profusely on the floors and they will rot.  After he tells me this awesome news - the floor sales guy has an idea - let's just re-do your shower (and bath)!  Great idea… one I too have had but  -- you're the floor sales guy!!!  Are you qualified to do my shower?  That all remains to be seen and I'm having nightmares about the whole thing.  Because at this point I'm sure producers from that TV show are getting word about our situation.  Is that the phone?


Okay, then on a very serious note, I can see how hoarding happens.  Really.  I have thoughts now about "why put this magazine in the trash… there's no order here anyways!"  Or, "there's a pile… put it there."  The best one yet was when my little boy threw up all over me and my bed this morning, he has strep throat, and for a second I thought, "man I wish he would have aimed at the carpet instead!"  Which begs the question, if he did, what would a hoarder do?  Clean it or leave it…?  Hmmmm...  
Point is, when organization gets away from you, it snowballs fast!  For the people who truly live this lifestyle… I see how the "stuff" quickly takes over.  Then all that madness makes you care a little less (self preservation) and induces laziness!  It's a sad behavior … it's isolating and embarrassing and it takes a toll on the whole family.  Especially the children.  I do believe that, for moments in time, we all have a little "hoarder" in us… it's the ones who eventually pick up that survive.  The others… we sadly watch on television.  I'm not sure why it seems to be more common today - maybe it's just more visible.

Here's what I am sure of… and yes I am now back to being a little playful here… this One Picky Chick  will survive.  My family and I will carry on and get through this, no matter how long it takes.  Well, as long as it gets done but the time I have a wine tasting AT MY HOUSE IN 2 WEEKS!

If it's not, you may see me on a different TV show… SNAPPED!

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