Thursday, March 13, 2014

Remodeling Madness

Thea Headlines:

I have nothing to say.

I am in the middle of remodeling madness.

The "hoarding" in my house has been taken to a whole new level!

I am stuck in a weird position.  A very small one, in between all my furniture, and real life.  We are like ships sailing at sea - totally lost but floating.  Thank God  BP is home this week (on "vacation" - poor guy - what a week to do it) … it may not be the most fun for him but it's sure a big help to me!

That is why I didn't get anything posted yesterday and I won't have anything for tomorrow either.  It's because I'm not doing anything except entertaining the kids who are off on Spring Break and trying to manage the madness!  I, literally have no room, for anything else.  See!

 Yep that's a bed in my hallway (below).

We have things stuffed everywhere.  I laugh out loud when BP says "hey Nicole, where's my _____ !" I simply reply, "really?"  Yes, we're about at our wits end.  I think it will end on Friday.  Then, we can put everything back until round 2 which will be tiling the kids bathrooms and possibly doing our shower/bath.

Everyone keeps telling me, it will be great when it's done and I agree.  It will be.  I can already vision the beauty it will bring!


Main Bedroom

Bedroom "Hallway"
 But, until then, God give me the strength to keep it together!  Wait, is he lost too?  He should be able to find me through all the "stuff"… right?!

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