Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wish Upon a Bracelet

The Headlines:

Do you believe in wishing?

If you do… you're going to love this idea!

Once upon a time there was a princess who made a wish and… it came true!  Blaaaaahhhhhhhkkkkkk!!!!!  I am not a big wish person.  I actually feel that hard work, skills and prayers go a lot farther.

I do believe there is something special about the wonderment of a child's wish however.  I encourage my kids to throw, blow and go… just because it's a part of dreaming, learning and growing.  It's just not really MY thing.  Hey, I made a wish when I was at the Trevi Fountain in Rome years ago and pregnant I no got!

But every once in a while, no matter what you believe… it's fun to blow a dandelion, see a shooting star or throw a penny in a fountain, make a wish and see if it really does come true.  Problem is, who follows up with their wishes?  I rarely ever do.  You throw, you wish, you move on.  My guess is a day goes by (for me it's an hour) and you might even forget you ever made the wish - let alone what it WAS!!!

Recently, however, I was given a gift that made me remember.  I'm not sure why… perhaps because it was a lovely and thoughtful hostess gift which I was given at a dinner.  And it was different.  Not a candle or flowers but this…

With this attached to the center if it… it's a bracelet.

Are you lost?  Let me explain.  It's a small turquoise stone attached to a simple piece of string which is attached to some card stock that reads "Wishing Bracelet.  Tie around wrist and make a wish (or 2 or 3), when it falls off your wish comes true!"  **For the record, there was not any red balls of lint on the bracelet at the time it was given to me.  That accumulated over the weeks I wore it.

Then there was a little insert included which explains the type of stone it is and what it "does"…

I just thought it was delightful.  I tied it on right away and made a couple general wishes, like I always do.  Then I made a very specific wish.  I did not forget this one.  Possibly because it was so detailed but also because I had something that I looked at everyday that reminded me of it.

Weeks later I was talking to a friend about this gift and telling her how easy it would be to replicate (she actually encouraged me to put it on this blog so she could do it).  A great idea would be to make a bunch at once and then use them for party favors or hostess gifts or birthday prizes!  Just find the stones, research their "meaning," make the cards and the bracelets - done!  

Now, back to that wish of mine.  The bracelet stayed on, surprisingly, for about 4 weeks.  When it fell off - I kid you not - my wish did come true.  For some reason, I was not surprised.  Maybe more of my wishes are coming true… I just never remember that I made them!  Or perhaps there's more to this kid-wonderment-wishing-thing than I first thought.

And they lived happily ever after…


  1. Great idea! Cute, simple and I love the "wish" foundation!! I'm glad it worked for you....I might need to get on e of those!! hehe


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