Tuesday, April 14, 2015

5 Reasons Life's Easier When Dad's Gone

The Headlines:

If you're married with kids... you know this is true.

We all love and need Dad.

But SHHHHHH sometimes it's okay when he travels a bit.

I love BP (the husband/Dad in our home) very very much!  He's the back bone of our family... he's my rock... he's an incredible father and a thoughtful husband.  Everyday I'm glad I married him.  But I will say, when he travels for work or the occasional get away... it's okay.
I know it sounds horrible... and if you have babies you're thinking I'm crazy right now - I remember - you NEED the help then.  Dad traveling when you have small little guys is tough.  But once they grow up a couple years... well, when Dad's gone... life's just a little easier.

Here are 5 Reasons why:

Dinner Schminner
You know what I'm talking about here ladies... Daddy's home and Mama's gotta cook! When the husband gets off work and rolls in through the garage you feel like a homemade spread must be prepared and ready to go.  After a long day of - whatever you're doing -  that's the last thing you have time for or want to do.  When Daddy's gone... you can heat up some turkey burgers, cut some carrots and "dinner is served!"

Clean up Chaos
This is a big one for husbands.  I know they can't stand the mess.  They think: "what the heck have you been doing all day woman?  My office is clean!"

Well, here's my reasoning: with kids you just have a lot of STUFF EVERYWHERE!  There's playing to be done, clothes to be washed and messes to be cleaned up ALL THE TIME.  In fact, when someone gives us something I tell them it goes into the very large black hole in the center of our home because it's never to be seen again.  Where does all the stuff go?  I don't know.  But I do know it's somewhere in out house, right along with the MILLIONS of other things that seem to be all over our floor at any given time.  My daughter loves to make "mini houses" all over my very large house for herself, her barbies, her American Girl Dolls... it's sweet, creative and matronly but it DRIVES ME INSANE.

If I let her, I'd have "mini houses" (within my house) in my bedroom, her bedroom, the dining room, both living rooms and the playroom everyday of my life.  I really can not stand it but she loves it so much I let her have one "mini house" Friday-Sunday before it's clean up time.  Her Dad would like it and everything else cleaned up every single night before bed.  And that, is just not possible.  When he's not there - there is no clean up chaos... just the mess.

#3 Mama's in Control
What do they say about too many cooks in the kitchen?  Yea... that.  When Dad's gone there's one chef (and she's making turkey burgers)!  You get to call the shots when Dad is on the road.  Feel like inviting another Mom and her kids over for lunch and play?  DO it.  Want to let the kids watch an extra show so you can write a blog post?  GO for it.  Thinking about cranking up the music in the car and singing to the top of your lungs with the kids?  HAVE at it.  Because you're the final say... for a little while!  I just wish my kids liked my singing.  :(

#4 Turn on the Trashy Television
This one is true even if you don't publicly admit it.  There is a show(s) you like that your husband won't touch.  I have lots of them:  The Bachelor, Real Housewives of BH, OC and NJ... I even shamefully sometimes watch that horrible Vanderpump Rules.  I know, crazy.  But when the husband's gone no one makes me feel bad about it.  I just turn on the tv and stare.  It's a guilty pleasure that I no longer have to feel guilty about because no one knows I;m doing it - WHEN DAD IS GONE!

#5 Absence Makes the Daddy/Husband Grow Fonder
It is true - you know?  That other saying: absence makes the heart grow fonder.  When a husband/dad gets back - he's excited to see you and the kids.  He WANTS to be with you guys.  He'll spend the time to talk with you and get caught up.  There's lot of updates and newsflashes, maybe a gift or two and you realize everything I wrote about above was good but in the end, he's better.... way, way better.

Until it's dinner time.


  1. I agree with ALL of this! My hubby doesn't go away often, but when he does it is a nice little treat sometimes!

  2. Ooh, I so AGREE with this...it's just another dynamic when Daddy's away. That being said, right now he's working in another state and I'm rolling easy and IT IS NOT EASY! My boys are different when Daddy's not home... Thankfully I can see the light at the end of this tunnel.

    1. totally get it. sometimes they think they can get away with more. esp the boys!

  3. My son is only 20 months, so that may be the reason that I don't really agree. My husband doesn't go away for work often, but when he does we definitely miss his help. Although, he does cook sometimes and he is way messier than me so he could care less about all the toys!

    1. yes, it is nice to get the help for sure... RU kidding - he cooks in the middle of the week??? but just wait tricia... you'll see when your little guy gets older!

  4. YES! My husband is gone all the time...this is so true!! LOVE it! Sharing!

  5. Aweee--> Super sweet. I don't have kids but when my hubby is gone the house is a MESS! haha. This is great!

  6. My husband doesn't travel much for work but I am all about the playdates! My hubby thinks the girls don't deserve them when they're bad... but I tell him it's a break for you, too.

  7. I am so totally in agreement. My husband travels at least 2-3 day out of the week. So, of course, this whole post makes total sense to me, especially the cooking part.


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