Tuesday, April 21, 2015

10 Tips for A DIY Dream Closet

The Headlines:

I did a Closet Make-over. 

Here's how you can too!

Like many women, I've always wanted a nice closet.  All I used to do, before having children, was shop after all.  Turns out it's a dream for a lot of us... and it's not that hard to do.  If you follow these easy, inexpensive tips.

Here was my closet before...

SO drab.  Carpet... super boring color... but it did have one thing going for it... it's pretty large.  Almost a 150 square feet.

First, we did the "remodeling" part: ripped up the carpet, put in hard wood floors, painted it white.  Then, little by little we did the rest.  It took a while... projects like this usually do with kids, jobs and real life!  Don't get discouraged - just get it done (in under a year)!
Here we go:

Tip 1   Make a Clothes Dumping Ground

This is my Number 1 tip to keeping your closet organized and therefore dreamy: you absolutely need a large basket and some hooks in that space.  Clothes need to get "dumped" somewhere.  I wear something for a half an hour and want to whip it off (but maybe wear it tomorrow or later that day) so I put it in this basket.  Looks way better than just throwing it on the floor.  DO it.  Today.  You'll be glad you did.

Tip 2   Find an Earring Cushion Board

This is the best idea ever because I can now see all my dangly earrings available to wear.  It's not a cork board but a "cushion" board so it accepts the earrings easily.  I bought this at my favorite place - Home Goods.  They have lots of them all of the time.  And looking at my dangly collection here, I think it's time to purchase more... that's pathetic!

Tip 3   Same Color Hangars 

This was huge.  Super inexpensive... 24 "Honey Can Do" Cherry Hangars for less than $20.... DONE.  I searched everywhere for a better price.  There isn't one... if there is, let me know! Click on the link below if you want to buy them...

Look back at the picture above, we also stained all of my closet rods to look better with the new floors and hangars.  It was INEXPENSIVE to do but did take some time.  Worth it though!

Tip 4   Get a Step Stool

MAKE USE OF ALL CLOSET SPACE... even the tall ledge above!  Get a step stool (this one's from IKEA - we painted it) so you can reach that area quickly - you'll be glad you did.

Tip 5   Hang a Cork Board

It helps organize you, no one can see it (it's on the back of my closet door) and it's just YOUR memories, YOUR tickets, YOUR pictures.

Tip 6   Create Space

Sorry, the natural light coming in from the top of the picture (and closet) made this picture hard to take.  So, even though we can always use the extra room for clothes... because my closet is fairly large... I was able to create my own little "space" for frames, another mirror, a chalk board above my earring cushion... just to personalize it and make it more my own.  It breaks up the space and makes it prettier and more user friendly.

Tip 7  Get Cool Boxes/Baskets
You need storage in a closet.  For stuff.  Who knows what's in those boxes... it doesn't matter but what does matter is: if that stuff doesn't have a place, it looks messy.  The above boxes make things in my closet look more organized.  The below baskets carry shoes.  Flip-flops in one... tennis shoes in another.  Shoes that don't have to be seen - go in there!  Also, those boxes and baskets weren't as good looking when I bought them... I spray painted them.  I did that in another blog post last year.  Read it HERE...  but it's pretty basic, the gist is: spray paint whatever you want.

Tip 8   Extra Seating

These next 2 tips may be a little "over the top" for most closets.  But if you can do it... go for it.

If you have the room... this is awesome.  It just makes your closet feel more luxurious.  I love the round button style of this ottoman and found this perfect fabric... see the "glitter" in it?

I "designed" (if you could call it that) it and had it made.  You could easily find one on-line or in a catalog but be prepared to pay a little more if it's round.  For my closet, it was worth it but it's a nice-to-have... not a need-to-have.

Tip 9   Extra Lighting

Again, not a need-to-have but I love the look of a chandelier in a closet.  It just classes up the place.  Plus, the extra lighting is a mood changer.  It can make even an apartment closet feel custom, if you know what I mean?  I found this chandelier on line for less than $200 and had an electrician install it... GORGE!

Tip 10  Have a Plan...

This is my last tip and as they say - I've saved the best for last.  When you do this, make some serious decisions including how you're going to organize your clothes.  Put things in places that make sense to you.  I hung and re-hung clothes a bunch because it made more sense elsewhere.  For instance, I used to have my suits straight across my closet when I entered that room - DUH - I never wear those anymore so I put those in the corner and hung maxi dresses there instead since I wear those all year long.

Then... think about the big closet picture.  Decide what you need, want... can do, afford... your colors and dreams.  Write it down.  Start a Pinterest board... have a road map.  This is going to be fun!

Now, if anyone could tell me what to do with all those purses thrown up in the cubbies I'd be golden!

***This post contains an affiliate link, which means if you buy hangars from Amazon I'll get a teensy tiny piece of the action at no extra cost to you.  Maybe then the husband can get his closet done too... NAAAAAAH! 


  1. Great tips and great looking closet! I think you should do a DIY on the earring cushion board. We have a very small closet, I use those hangars that are slim and save space. We also utilize floor to ceiling space. I'm a bit OCD in organization so all of my clothes are organized according to color and sleeve length. Can't wait to have a great big closet like yours with a chandelier and extra seating!

    1. no that's awesome - stashing clothes that way makes such sense! you're already on your way! and i didn't make that earring chosen board - i BOUGHT IT at HOME GOODS!

  2. So, when are you coming over to do mine ;)

    1. anytime. once you fly me there, put me up & get my kids a sitter for a couple days. no biggie. ;)

  3. My closet is such a cluster. No matter how many times I organize it, I just can't keep it that way. I love how yours turned out!

    1. thanks... organizing it is one thing - keeping it that way is quite another. you have to use the plan you put in place!

  4. Excellent, you could so get a job making over people's rooms!! I love the earring cushion board, I will have to do that!! The matching hangers is a great tip and I do have a step stool!! Nice work mama and the lighting a chic touch!

    1. i would love to do that aubrey... maybe someday. add it to my every growing list!

  5. HO-LEE Crap! AMAZING!!! LOVE it - when are you coming to do my house? Seriously I need help with my family room.

    1. thanks! so fun! i'll help... let me look at your pointers board.

  6. Your closed is amazing. I would be so ashamed showing my closet.... lol! I love the basket idea! Going to TJ Maxx right now!

    1. I know, most are. SO hiding it in those baskets are your best option!


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