Thursday, April 23, 2015

5 TV Shows Little Girls Should Watch

The Headlines:

Good programming for little girls is hard to find. 

But not impossible.

This week it was announced Full House would be brought back from the dead.  One if it's stars, John Stamos, "leaked" it on Jimmy Kimmel.  Now called "Fuller House," it will air on Netflix starting next year.  When my daughter heard the news she screamed, "yes!"

Weird?  Yep, do the math.  She's 8 years old.  Full House aired back in the early 90's... but she's a big fan of the show... because I let her watch it.  In fact, so does my 4 year old little boy and he loves it too.

It all started back in 2nd grade.  She was getting older and Dora, Wild Kratts, Super Why and Word Girl were no longer cutting it.  But I looked, very briefly, (I won't claim to be an expert) at the programming today on most channels (including Disney) and I wasn't impressed.  The shows were filled with attitude and boys.  She's growing up fast enough... I don't want to push her into growing any faster.  So I talked to a friend and she suggested The Brady Bunch.  Bingo I thought.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't want my child to live in a cave but I do want to protect her and keep her young while she's, well, young.  Some things we can't control... television, we can.

When girls watch TV shows they are, undoubtedly, influenced.  They see someone being mean on the Disney Channel and that's behavior they'll model.  They see Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie working hard, making friends and staying humble and that too is behavior they'll model. Everything they see, especially at this age, matters.  So here are the 5 shows we let my little girl watch:

Little House on the Prairie

This is by far my favorite television show of all time!  When I watched this as a child, I swear I learned how to be a better human being because of Laura Ingalls.  She's a strong girl who has self motivation, will, pride, family values and a work ethic second to none.  It teaches compassion (which I think kids could stand to learn more about these days).  Laura and her family can influence little girls the right way.  The only problem with it... my daughter tends to get a little bored.  It IS a slow moving show.  Especially with how fast television is today.  Girls need to be at least 8 years old for it to keep their attention.  But keep trying... it's worth it.

The Brady Bunch 
Yes really.  This is just a sweet, little show that has small lessons in-bedded in each episode.  It's from a time when life was less complicated, girls were less sassy and everyone was more respectful of each other.  Plus, Marsha is still as cool as ever.  Even though it was filmed back in the 1970's... my daughter wears Marsha's pony tails with pride here in 2015.

Full House
This started because my daughter felt the need to bring her viewing a little closer to the millennium.  She looks up to the girl stars of the show who get into trouble but not too much.  It's a fairly decent "coming of age" sit-com without going overboard in any direction.  Plus, now that it's coming back... it will get bigger than ever!

The Partridge Family/Bewitched/I Dream of Jeannie 
All of these are mostly from the same era.  The Partridge Family is a single mom with a big family who loves each other.  Add in singing and it's a magical combination.  Enough said.  Bewitched & I dream of Jeannie are both just good, fun shows starring women.  Maybe not fully liberated working women like today... but "powerful" in their own way.

The Voice 
There's a lot to be said for NBC's hit show.  Especially when it comes to children.  Besides confidence, going for your dreams and good entertainment value... it shows that if you work hard and perservere anything is possible.  The way the stories of triumph are told is golden.  It can give a little girl hope in today's sometimes daunting and depressing world.  And the best part is that it's current and not re-run city.

"Re-runs..."which is clearly the main point in all of this... almost all of my television picks are from yester-year.  The greater question is why?  Television does offer good programming for toddlers and little ones but it's that in between age, starting around 7 and going through junior high that I question.  I know, many kids today just go to You Tube, but I still maintain there really is a need for that "in between" programming on TV.  Television is not dead.  No matter how much the internet tries to convince us it is...

Yep as so many of us say - my daughter might be 8 going on 28 - but I'm going to try and keep her own age as long as I can... now if I could only find that remote!

Hey, do you have any suggestions to add to the list?


  1. Talk about THROWBACKS!! There are some classics in your choices though... :) I do get it, you want to keep things age appropriate, but inevitably they will find new things as they grow older. You know I loved Brady Bunch and Three's Company growing up..cuz those re-runs were always on!!

    1. I know... I wish I could like more current ones! Three's Company was also classic but I'm not sure I want my 8 year old watching it... yet!

  2. We love reruns too but my kids don't love non-animated shows yet. Soon!! I used to love Gidget, Green Acres, and the Facts of Life....the good old days!


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