Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Letter to Mom on Mother's Day

The Headlines:

Mother's Day is coming up.

Send her a card with your own sweet, kind, loving words.

Or... send her this one!

The other day my 4 year old son pulled me in close with both hands on my face and said this to me:  "You're my best mommy... I would not have you if I was not born..."

Yes, perfect words, from my less than perfect child but they came from him and that's all I ever need.  Words.  Words... from the heart.  Sadly, it's hard for many of us to do - tell people how we feel. Yet, it's so very important.

So consider writing a letter to your Mom this Mother's Day... or borrow mine.

Dear Mom,

Sorry I never really appreciated you growing up.

When I was young I just thought it was your job to do these things:
buy me food
make me food
tuck me in
drive me places
find me things to do
buy me toys
tickle my back when I went to bed
read to me
hold me when I cried
sing to me
buy me clothes
bake me treats
stick up for me when that kid whacked me
help me with my homework
counsel me
plan my parties
love me
find educational shows for me to watch
put band aids on
take me to the beach
clean up my messes
bring me home prizes
give me medicine
change my diapers
pick my school
discipline me
pay for my school (pre-school or daycare)
put together birthday parties
take me to the doctor
teach me how to swim
teach me how to walk
hold my hand
take me to the park
make big holiday dinners
put me in classes
sign me up for sports
watch me in the parking lots
hug me
visit Santa
be a room mom
send me to camp
kiss my boo-boos
get me water
watch me around water
take me to dinner
take me for ice cream
buy me a bike
have family get togethers
take pictures of me
develop pictures of me
buy my school pictures
paint my room pink (or blue or red or purple)
help me write my name
take me to 999 birthday parties
show me what's right and what's wrong
wipe my behind.

Now, as a Mom myself, I find out it wasn't really your job at all... it was a choice you made.  For me. You could have remained selfish but instead you became self-less.

So thanks for taking off your high heels and putting on your flip-flops... when my bare feet had no idea.



  1. Totally beautiful! I am not a mom but I sure have a mom:) And she is the best. Thank you for this wonderful card idea!

  2. Great ideas to say THANKS to mom! Thanks for sharing

  3. So true. I even told my mom that I didn't realize all she sacrificed until I became a mom myself.


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