Friday, August 14, 2015

Back-to School Surprise Gift Idea!

The Headlines:

Here's a fun way to Welcome friends Back-to School!

Plus, get the creative juices flowin'! 

We went Back-to-school this week in Arizona.  I'm pretty sure we're about the earliest in the country to do so...  SO I'm sharing what we did for the benefit of anyone who lives OUT of our state...

This idea is more for the older kids.  Not my pre-schooler but his sister, who's almost 9 and now in the 4th grade.

We simply made up little gift packs with red licorice, a pretty mechanical pencil and a notepad.

Then we came up with a cute saying:

I think you can read it but if for some reason you can't it says:

I can't believe tomorrow is near...
Back to school is finally here!
Have a great first day! 

The night before school started, we drove to her friends houses, rang the door bell and left it at the front door step.  Plus,  I texted the Moms to give them a head's up too.  It was great fun as we kind of felt like we were on a special mission or something! 

My thought now is to kind of make this a tradition (if I can keep up with it)... maybe we'll continue  doing it for a few of her friends each year.  The ideas will grow with the kids age and maybe I'll put her totally in charge of it to test her creativity.

Here's the deal:  the years will pass quickly but the memories will stay forever.  I'm planning on giving my children more good memories than bad to look back on as they grow.  Maybe this... is one of them!  


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