Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Heard of Cotton Candy Grapes?

The Headlines:

You have to try this fruit.

They honestly taste like cotton candy.

But they're grapes.

No joke.

I know it seems so weird... really weird.  I heard about these grapes from a friend a few years ago and tried them for the first time then...  I was BLOWN AWAY!  And I'm, you know... picky!

Looking at them... they appear to be just ordinary, regular green grapes.  See?

But bite into one and the taste is very different.  They honestly remind you of the old fashioned, air blown, sugary, pink, pillowy looking cotton candy!

As the story goes, the grape grower out of California apparently "engineered" them to be that way.  He cross bred them to make it happen.  But they're sustainably grown, so says the package, non-GMO.  They come out one time a year, for about a month or more.  The time available obviously varies dependent upon the crop and year.  I also feel there are some years you can taste more "cotton-candy" than others.  But the bottom line, they really do have the taste you can't miss.  The bonus: no extra sugar and food coloring like the real stuff!

I found mine here at Sprouts.  But, in Arizona, they're also at at AJ's, Haggens and Sam's Club.

If you live in another state go to this website HERE to see where they sell them near you!

They're not cheap... the bunch I got ran me a whopping $7.70 (they're $3.99 a lb.) but they're worth it.  Consider it a special Summer treat!

But most of all... enjoy!

*** Here's my next attempt at Periscope...

I give the Cotton Candy Grapes to 3 little guys for the first time!  Click here to watch their reactions.  This is live to "tape" people so be kind!  And if you receive this post through an email just go to ONEPICKYCHICK.COM to see it there! 


  1. I want to try these, but my kids really love regular grapes (and they love cotton candy) so I am worried this would start a slippery slope of them only wanting the cotton candy kind! ha! So crazy that they really taste like cotton candy!

    1. it's really crazy. but i'd give it a whirl... if only once!

  2. These sound SO crazy! I'm curious to try them though. I absolutely love grapes just as they are so I wonder if I'll still like them the same?

    1. It is a must try! I hope u can find them near you!

  3. Funny you write this, my Mom just gave me some I don't know what kind of grapes but they're black or dark purple and really petite and sweet... maybe table grapes... but anyhow I need to find these Cotton Candy ones..my boys are into grapes right now and gotta strike it while that's hot!

    1. those grapes are good i'm sure - these are different! and crazy/weird... but fun!


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