Thursday, August 20, 2015

Do You have a Gift Closet?

The Headlines:

Many of us have one.

Including me.  

Is there something wrong with it?

One woman thinks so...

Ever since I was young... my Mom had a gift "closet".  She would buy things when she saw them on sale - for a good price.  Because in life, especially with kids... things pop up, right?  I have always thought this was a good idea.  I have one now.  Many people do.  Even Oprah!

So that's why when I was having dinner with a friend a few weeks back and she told me this story... my jaw dropped to the floor!  Get ready - it's a doozy.  Got popcorn?

Let me start at the beginning: my friend got a birthday party invite for her 2 girls.  But the invitation was given less than 2 days before the actual event.  My friend is a busy, working Mom currently going through a divorce.  There's little to no time to run out and buy a gift at the last minute.  So she reached into her gift closet and pulled out 3 things.  A Kids Pedicure set, a very recently bought 3-in-1 lotion from Ulta and a wallet.  I think that was it.  Anyways,  the kids went to the party and the next week at school... everything but the wallet was RETURNED!  Yep you heard me right - RETURNED to the girls.

They proceeded to tell their Mom that their friend didn't like part of the gift so their mom/my friend sent this apology text to the other mother:

In my humble opinion, a perfectly written text.  The other mother then decided to reply saying:

"Yes a couple of the gifts were returned but the blue wallet was a keeper.  Thank you for contacting me about this ------ felt sad and bummed about it.  I packaged it up for return.  Out of sight, out of mind.  I think ----- would be happy to receive a replacement gift.  I think it would bring a smile to her face."

When my friend read a COUPLE gifts were returned she asked her girls who said, "yea she gave us back everything but the wallet because she didn't like the stuff!"  Well, that was a little disgusting.  Who GIVES BACK a GIFT to the person WHO GAVE IT TO YOU because you don't LIKE IT!????   Ahhhhhh... lame people.  So she decided to write the woman back again.

She ends it with "thank you for this opportunity for a teachable moment."  The other woman wrote back, obviously annoyed:

"Your explanation isn't logical or needed.  It was a kids birthday.  With all your years of motherhood I would expect you to be able to shop for a kids gift.  How unfortunate.  Also, speaking and involving kids in a matter you dislike is a very interesting parenting method.  I will continue to keep children out of this matter.  Everyone is entitled to their opinions, so thank you for voicing yours.  I hope you have a great day." 

Wow!  What is this world coming to?  The bottom line for me is exactly what my friend said:  when you get a gift you graciously accept it because the reason you invited those friends to your party was for their company.  NOT the gift you expected to receive.  Returning gifts - to the giver - is just not an option.  End of story.  

As far as my friend involving her children... SHE HAD NO CHOICE.  The other woman is the one who went down that road in the first place by letting her child give back the gifts.  I agree with involving them from there on out because the door was opened.  They are forced to walk through it... and hopefully learn a life lesson along the way.

For the record, as I stated above, I too have a gift closet.  

I try not to stash too much in it because I know kids are fickle and sometimes want to return items they receive (to actual stores that is) so I often like to include gift receipts if I can.  But there are times and occasions (like this one) that a gift closet is very necessary and incredibly helpful!  

Look guys, parenting is hard enough - we all need to support each other - giving back a gift is not only un-supportive to parents but it's downright cruel to a child.  Imagine being the 3rd grader who had to accept the returned gift at school?  That could have been devastating for a little girl.  All because the birthday girl didn't like her gift... sigh.

In the end, I just couldn't get over the nerve of this woman!  I just couldn't get over the whole thing.  It makes me sad, angry, confused, frustrated and worried so I had to write about it.  Now, what do you all think?  Tell me.   Plus, I'd like to know:  do you have gift closet?

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