Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Batter up Baseball Desk!

The Headlines:

Take any normal desk

Turn it into whatever you choose!

It is so so so easy.

My husband, BP, grew up playing baseball.  So when it was time to turn my son's room into a "big boy" room... he was all about it.  Why?  Because it was a baseball room.  That's right - red, white and blue with lots of baseball stuff thrown in the middle somewhere.  I think he's secretly hoping that through osmosis - you know - being surrounded by it, the gift of play will somehow seep into his pores and he will become the next great - Randy Johnson.  Or Derek Jeter.  Those are both former great players, right?  I know not much when it comes to baseball.  Or any sport really.  Anyways,  yes, it has been a lot of work but BP has fully toughed it out.  He complained not one lick.  I am lying.  But he triumphed anyways.  And I am proud.  Because it looks good... errr - ah, it's really getting there.

BP does not have many pieces of furniture from his growing up years, but he does have his childhood desk. This is where my "before" picture should go of that desk but I don't have it.  Still getting the hang of this before/after project blog thing.  We kept it for, obviously, the kids.  I knew it would come in handy someday and that day has arrived.  Plus, I love pieces with a story and this has one!  How cool is it that my son will be doing homework where his dad once did his...!?  But the desk needed a bit of a "facelift" to suit our needs.  And every good facelift starts with paint.

He chose to spray paint it.  I like brushing but he wanted to go fast.  Get it done.  I mean, he was okay with doing this project but not psyched to spend too much time on it!  I take what I can get.  Next, I had found baseball pulls at Michael's like a year earlier, and at a buck a piece - I knew they would come in handy at one point.  In my opinion, it made the desk.  We also, like we often do... used an electric sander to sand some of the paint off.  See those edges below?

It's a small desk and our ceilings (adobe style home) are super vast so I decided it looked weird on it's own... (don't know if you can tell this from the picture) it needed height - it had to look more grandiose. 

So I added the shelves.  We painted those too, of course.  I just had them in his nursery so they were easily available!  And we decided to wrap them around his desk so it would be a more complete, almost, "office" area.  Then I added more height with the cork board.  

You can find this very LARGE corkboard with a wood edge at Target for like 8 or 9 bucks.  
Then we painted it too. 

The rest is easy.  Just add frames and containers to hold desk stuff.  Yes, that's a campbell's soup can but the the colors were perfect, I think it's really cute.  The containers were actually also a part of the nursery/bathroom decor so we painted those lids and put them back in his room!

And done!  Almost.  I still need to add more office stuff.  Maybe some files or boxes.... but that I will take my time with and add accordingly.  I do want to mention one last little trick that you can use anywhere, really.  As you can see in one of the pictures above, I have a baseball lamp on the shelf.  But to actually make it work, you know, like produce light...  the cord was going to dangle down and look, well, bad (I did it again... no picture of that?  Note to self: get better at before pics).  Since it was against the dark blue wall that acrylic cord look really stood out.   So BP bought cord covers at Home Depot and painted them.  The picture is not great as it is super dark in that corner with the blue paint and all but the cord literally disappears!  So for just a couple bucks - we get years of glowing happiness!

With all of the above said, my advice to you is simple.  Find an old desk, on Craig's list or a garage sale or... at your Grandmother's house... and make it your own.  It's easy to do.  And the cost - once you find that desk - should be nominal.   For me, next on the agenda is making my daughter a larger desk.  Right now she has one of those old school house style ones.  Now.... if I could just talk BP into that --- hmmmm ---- softball style???  Yeah, that's not gonna work. 

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