Monday, November 11, 2013

Cloth sack + filling = Pillow!

The Headlines:

Have a cloth sack that u like?

Make a pillow.

Happy Veteran's Day.  I salute all men and women of the armed forces with a simple idea (almost) anyone in the U-S of A could do.... make a pillow.   Yea,  this may be my easiest post ever.  Do you have a cool cloth bag you've always just loved?  Well I didn't.  But, eventually, I found one.

This, if you couldn't tell, is a close up of (2) European Grain Sack(s).  They were brought back to the states (in sack form) and then found by someone who eventually sold them to the woman who owns/runs Sweet Salvage.  It's a cute little store, with stuff you WON'T find in Pottery Barn, in the Melrose District which is right off of 7th Avenue near Indian School.  And then, I bought them for around $15 each I think.

When I saw these two I didn't know where they would go - but I knew what they would be!  They were destined for something BIG with that cool material they could not be ignored for much longer... they called out  "pillow" loud and clear!  And that is exactly what I did with them.  Sadly, I do not sew.  I wish I did and it's even compounded by the fact that I have this amazing FATHER who does!!  Yes, he's... an upholsterer.  I know... a decorator's dream.  And while I am ever thankful for it I'm also almost ashamed that I never took advantage of the fact and learned his craft.  I'm not really sure why I didn't do it either - probably just a young girl more interested in other "more important" things.  Maybe he wouldn't have been a good teacher (that's what I'll tell myself, yeah) - patience is a virtue y'know?  But again, I side tracked myself.  Back to the point - he made my pillows.  He bought stuffing from Walmart.  He says they have the best and most cost effective.  He stuffed and then stitched one side.  Piece of cake.  Done.

For him.  Right?
Now they sit on a bench pillow, which yes, he also made to fit this weird spot in my entry way.  Not sure what the architect was going for there???? But I saw it as a bench.  

Whatever the case, now my European Grain Sacks have a happy home where they are appreciated and loved by me everyday.  Standing front and center - they have been repurposed and thus re-born in the United States.  All in one picky chick's days work.  Now go find your perfect sack that will, no doubt, look much better as a pillow in your home - somewhere!!!???

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