Wednesday, November 6, 2013

D-I-Y Chef's Birthday Party!

The Headlines:

Kids love birthday parties.

Some parents love planning them.

Don't spend tons.

Just get creative!

I've been to 100 birthday parties with my daughter in the last year.   They get old (NO offense moms who read my blog.  I love you and your child and your party was great too!).  So if you come across a different one,  y'know, like one that sticks out for it's invitations and activities, you do a double take.  That happened to me recently.

When I say "different one" I hardly mean "most expensive."  Theses days, kids birthday parties can get out of control!  Parents hire planers, they spend tons of money and more times then not, they take it on the road to ice rinks or horse camps.  Sometimes, I think we need to stop and remind ourselves - the child is 6 years old - they would be happy with just about anything, as long as his or her friends were around!

A friend of mine, Loretta Hayko, recently had a birthday party for her daughter Colette.  She wanted to do something for a small group of girls that was healthy and hands on - so she decided to cook!  (She also recently opened Improve - a weight loss and wellness center in North Scottsdale - so this was right up her alley) Anyways, when she passed out these invitations I knew we were in for a real treat!

How cute are they?  Yes, that's a full sized wooden spoon with the invite tied to it! Simple but super effective and they set the tone for what was to come.  Loretta did not disappoint.  Her daughter helped pick the colors - pink and black - and decided her friends would make pizza.

Loretta got the pizza boxes from her son's work which she painted with leftover pink paint from her daughters room, then got a stencil sheet and painted black hearts on the boxes.  She found the aprons and hats on-line at for $2.99 and $1.99 each then painted the child's name. Next, Loretta arranged little stations which were clearly marked with an idea she got from my Moms W"h"ine Night... where you just grab frames in your home and insert pieces of paper with your writing on it. Remember, that's helpful because, for the most part, people are clueless when they come to your home.  They - obviously -  don't know where to go and what to do so if you, literally, spell it out for them they feel more comfortable.  Phew, order.  And cute order at that! 


The labels you can find anywhere, hers were chalk labels from Ross. And they worked beautifully with her pink and black theme. 

Loretta ran the party like this:  once the girls got there they made place mats at a "craft station".  

After they put on their aprons and hats, they moved on to the pizza making station with their choice of toppings.  

Finally, they started to frost and sprinkle their cookie creations (which were pre-made) and when they were done with that their pizzas were ready - hot out of the oven!  After they ate - it was cake, play and home!  A 2 hour party for 12 girls all for under $200!  And I think, you can tell, by the look on the birthday girls face below... this party was served up just right!  

Not only did the girls get to take their aprons home but they also took their pizza boxes filled with their cookies, a kitchen towel, some canning labels and Colette's own cook book with recipe from dishes served at the party!  Lovely, sweet, cool ideas.  It was a total hit!

Below is what was inside the pizza box.  The kitchen towel, labels and cook book.

The best part?  It was cool.  Creativity ruled here!  It wasn't the same thing we've, lovingly, done over and over with our other friends.  Because even though some parties do get old - don't get me wrong - we still like to go to them!  Now how can you do this?  Easy.  Copy it.  Do exactly what she did... it's the highest form of flattery, you know!  Or if it's not exactly your style - think about what is... talk to your friends to decide how you can do an unforgettable party for your child.  Whatever you come up with will probably leave him or her with some of the best memories they'll ever have - why?  Because YOU did it.  Not the teenagers at Pump It Up!  I just have a feeling this years birthday party will stick with Chef Colette for years to come.  And isn't that, really, what it's all about!  

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