Monday, November 4, 2013

Window screen = Frame!

The Headlines:

My wall art.

I love it.

How to do your own HUGE frame.

I don't really like art on my walls.  I appreciate it elsewhere but, for myself, I don't dig it.   Meaning there's almost no painted pictures or sculptures i.e.: the more common kind of art in my home.  A lot of people have it... it's just never really struck me for some reason.  What does?  That's hard to describe.  I guess things that are randomly found, I like to re-purpose and put on walls.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't invent it - lots of people do this... I'm just one of them.  But still, it never fails... people come in my house and are always a little, taken a back... by the things I hang!  Some like it, others, like my father-in-law - Do Not!  He doesn't understand why something old and maybe even scroungy hangs on my walls.  I tell him: because I like it.  And so does his son for that matter!

I have a very large space in my "formal" living room (that's in parenthesis because nothing in my house is really, very formal), above a couch that needed something big to anchor the wall.  I thought of a mirror but I never found one that worked.  SO when I went to a local store in Phoenix (that opens once every month called Sweet Salvage) and saw this old screen, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I found the right pictures, enlarged them, turned them black and white, placed them on black poster board and affixed them to the wall behind the screen.  I used those 3m strips.  Anyways, the screen sort of dulls the pictures enough so it looks even cooler.

This is closer...

See how it's muted due to the screen?  Love love love it. 

Now I have to say, everyone who comes over seems to dig it.  Except my father in law... I'm pretty sure he didn't even notice it when he came to town last... kinda hard to miss since it's 44" by 79" but whatever!  I'm uber happy with the way it turned out because it's totally unique, easy to do, inexpensive (screen was $50, enlarged pictures were like $3 each at Costco, poster board -a buck) and the project is done!  The living room is not done however... I am slowly chipping away at decorating it... stay tuned!

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