Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Last minute table decor - ROCKS & CANDY?!

The Headlines:

Thanksgiving is here.


Mom's coming over.  

Hurry - set the table... with rocks and Skittles!!!  

Yes, it's a fact.  You've had all month to decorate for your Turkey Day soiree but you're leaving it to the last minute.  Honestly - so do I.  At least, when it comes to the table setting.  Let's face it... do many of us really set our table a week plus before the dinner?  If you're Martha Stewart or maybe over the age 65, you do.  But that, for most of us,  is so unrealistic.  It is literally theee last thing I think of when it comes to my dinner.  So I always find myself going - ooops.  What now!? 

But with last minute improvisations - to me - comes greatness.  Really.  I don't like things that are too perfect, let me revise, that LOOK too perfect.  I like a fair amount of "roughness around the edges"  let's say.  Which works incredibly well when you "dress" a table the day of an event!  Right?  Therefore, you can guess most of my table "dressing" doesn't come from Williams Sonoma but either Backyard De McGregor or Safeway.  That's right, the great outdoors and grocery stores are my inspiration! 

So ready, set, go!  I am not a fan of table runners.  So very 80's.  But I like the idea.  It ties the table together.  Hence, burlap ribbon.

I got mine at Michael's.  Once that's done -  candles on a table are always a nice follow up.  I have 3 of these (below) sitting on my table almost year round - I just switch out what the candles rest on.  Here, it's corn kernels.  They're very fall looking to me.

Next, I add the plates and, in this case chargers.  I don't always use them but on this day - they fit the Thanksgiving bill.  I like white plates.  If you can have one large set of anything - get white plates.  They work with anything.  The white makes food look good and they go with any occasion.   Adaptable - simple - elegant.  Add wine glasses, utensils, napkins (paper are so much easier... let's be real here - I'm busy!)  Next, I think about place cards.  You have to use them at a dinner like this for 2 reasons:  one, they look cool.  two, sit people where YOU want them.  On this day - that's when I hit the outdoors.  I used rocks!  The names are written on the rocks with a black pen.  I figure after we're done we'll throw them back in the yard... and won't it be fun if/when we (the kids) find them again!?   

Now the place setting looks like this... and it's good.  But it needs color.

Enter Halloween candy.  M&M's and Skittles.  The reds, oranges, yellows, browns and purples are perfect to sit center (plate) stage.  It was just what the table needed.   

Kids love it and adults... well shhhhh.... but they do too!  Everyone's happy and the table is done.

Other ideas for tables are - let's be honest - infinite!  There's the obvious: pumpkins and gourds, even pine cones.  Or almost any kind of fall colored fruit works like oranges & apples.  There are pantry finds - like coffee beans or even Chocolate Cheerios!  Candy.  So many candy options.  Get some things from your yard.  Bougainvillea or random flowers and leaves.  One year I even had my mom bring some "fall" leaves from her house in California.  We don't really have the traditional kind I wanted here that year.  But that took planning.  My point here is you can do it today or tomorrow - in a few minutes - just think outside the Pottery Barn box.  NO offense, PB!!

Okay.... good luck and let me know what you do if you get the chance.  For now...I gotta go.  Let's Eat! 

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