Monday, April 14, 2014

Spray Paint ANYTHING

The Headlines:

Don't like something?

Spray paint it!

I love painting things.  It's easy and it brings a whole new life to something tired and old.  This I know.  But it's always nice to remind yourself of facts that may escape you.

Right now, my head is full of too many facts.  Here at the house we are in the middle of several decorating projects.  One of which is my closet "remodel."  Several weeks ago we put new wood floors in, painted it, bought all the same hangars and organized the clothes.  Now we have to stain the new rungs, find/install a chandelier and decorate it.

Here's what it used to look like



Here it is now.

Improved, yes.  Finished, no.

I will do a whole "Closet Remodel" post when I'm finished.  But, as I was developing my closet decorating plan I was bursting at the seams to tell you this: spray paint (almost) anything.  Something I was reminded of by a friend - you can change the look of something in seconds when you SPRAY IT!

BAM!  This stuff works great if you go Silver.

We also decided to spray our toilet paper holders from brass to "chrome" instead of buying all new ones.  Did you know you could do that?  Just be careful, sometimes the paint scratches off a bit (especially at a toilet paper dispenser) still… it looks better

brass toilet paper holder
"chrome" toilet paper holder

I'm painting the baskets I've had for a while and the boxes I just bought.

Old box vs. "New" box

Old basket vs. "New" basket

See the difference?

SO much better.  The whole experience just reminded me:  when in doubt, don't throw it out - spray paint it instead!  In many cases, it could save you time (searching) and money (buying).  


  1. Love spray paint!! Also love the fresh flowers in your closet! Super Cute!

  2. I love this idea! I had no clue they made metallic finish spray paint! (where have I been???)


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