Sunday, May 3, 2015

Don't Get your High Heels Stuck in Mud!

The Headlines:

I took my post from April 28 & revised it a bit.

The one entitled "5 Reasons to Stay at Home When Kids Get Older VS. When They're Babies"

I then added it to the Today Show Parenting Page.

I'd love you to READ IT and vote. 

The subject of staying at home versus going to work when you have kids is a tricky one.  I decided to go deeper with it than "5 Reasons..." because the Today Show Parenting Challenge asked to "Share Your Mom Lessons."  It turns out, as I was writing I discovered my Mom taught me the lesson of love at home... while reminding me that you shouldn't stop loving yourself at the same time.

So click HERE if you want to read the full story.  Yes, I know there's a typo in the second sentence... or should I say omission  of the word "to," they won't let you edit it at ALL once you hit the SUBMIT button!  And I'm also aware it may start out the same as the "5 Reasons" post but it changes drastically as you go on.  If you like it, click the circular "vote" button in the top left corner by the title of the post.  Finally, I hope, if this is an issue you struggle with, that the read is as good for you... as it was for me as I wrote it.

Thanks, Nicole

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