Thursday, May 14, 2015

10 Tips for your Kitchen Remodel

The Headlines:

What woman doesn't want to remodel her kitchen?

The one who just did it.

We all want a fabulous kitchen... even if we don't cook.  Why?  Because married or single, kids or no kids, old or young... everyone gravitates towards the kitchen.  It's the center of activity because food sustains life!  Therefore, we all want that space to be a place we want to be.

These days Kitchen renovation is ON FIRE.  Many of us are staying put in our houses - just making them better.  I recently visited a friend of mine who re-did her kitchen.  She made it her dream kitchen and she's ecstatic!  As we spoke, we naturally started talking about all the things we had learned during our experiences.  I remodeled our kitchen a few years ago.

We didn't talk style, trends or colors.  Simply what we learned that can help ANYONE thinking about remodeling their kitchen in the future!

Tip 1 - Have a Plan
This is the first tip because this is where it all begins.  Start visiting friends houses, looking at magazines, Pinterest, know what you want and what you need.  Also, decide on your budget.  There's a big difference between a 15k remodel and a 100k one.  You need to know numbers because that affects your overall plan.  For the record, this leg work could take you up to 6 months because if you're going to do this thing - you want to get it right!

Tip 2 - Find Referrals
You must get people to work for you that you know and trust.  This has to come from friend referrals.  Not on-line, not from a mail insert... you need first hand knowledge of who these people are, how they work and what their end result will be.

Tip 3 - Go Classic
Trends come and go.  Classic remains relevant.  Try to make selections that will stand the test of time.  Even though you absolutely love that cool, see through tile... will it become passe' tomorrow?  Then don't pick it.

Tip 4 - The Hood is your Crown
I can not stress this enough.  These days, hoods can be absolutely GORGE!  I mean, really.  So don't miss an opportunity.  Look at this one?  She could have done stainless steel (like I did, and don't get wrong, can be awesome) but she was adamant that this hood would seal the deal.  It does!

Tip 5 - Move the Micro Down (or out)
If at all possible, microwaves need to be moved.  Let's face it... they're ugly.  As you can see (in the before pic) hers was where the hood is currently housed.  So she moved it.  Out of sight really... in the island.  Brilliant choice.  It made room for that amazing hood and got the ugly out.  Another idea, if it can be done, put your microwave in the pantry.

Tip 6 - Get rid of those Soffits 
There's just no need for those pieces of protruding wall below the celling.  You know what I'm talking about?  They were big in the 80's and 90's for home builders.  Now they're just useless and people are always taking them out.  There's usually very little cost to it and nothing super substantial in them.   Plus, it allows you to build cabinets directly up to the ceiling or much closer to it.  The effect is priceless!

Tip 7 - Go BIG with the Island 
Ever noticed this in a kitchen?  We all gather around the ISLAND!  So if you're doing a remodel... make it longer or wider.  In my friends kitchen you can see (in the the before pic) she got rid of her small island and the outside counter.  Then, elongated the island and added an "eat in" space since that was where she wanted her family to eat casual meals.

Tip 8  Have Fun with Lighting
Chandeliers (like below - another friends kitchen) and drop lighting of any kind (like above) adds so much to a kitchen.  It can really personalize the space because there are SO MANY CHOICES out there.  It makes the room about style as much as it, literally, highlights its function.

Tip 9  Seize more "Kitchen Space" Wherever/Whenever You Can!
This "Bar" around the corner of her kitchen extends it even more.  She can use it for all the drinks during a party, therefore opening up space in her actual kitchen.  It makes it feel even larger and there's nothing wrong with that!

Tip 10 Sink Envy!
This is my friends favorite thing in her kitchen:

That's right, it may look like a boring old sink to you... but, to her, not having that annoying center divider is heavenly.  I will second that, as I get many compliments on my "grand" sink as well!  So, contrary to popular belief... don't ignore what goes down the drain!

Coming soon... I'll list the Top 5 Money Saving Tips to your Kitchen Remodel! 

For now, that's HER dream Kitchen... what's in yours?  Starting that plan costs nothing...


  1. I want a dream kitchen! And -- I'll take this one, OKAY!!!

    1. done. wait. i'm not sure she'd be ok with that!

  2. WOW-- The after is amazing. I love this so much. The white color is beautiful too.

  3. We gutted our kitchen when we first moved in, we did most of this stuff, ditched the soffet and I still love my massively huge sink... but i wish we would have done the microwave thing. We put it above the oven, and I regret it all the time. Totally wish we would have done a hood. :(

    1. there are always things you regret... never perfect.... i should have written that too!


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