Tuesday, May 26, 2015

5 Tips to Turn Your House into a Beach House!

The Headlines:

No matter where you live...

Bring the Beach in! 

Here are 5 ways to do that.

This is my most favorite time of the year.  Summer.  I know many of you love when the holidays arrive:  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year it's all so festive.   But, for me, there is something really special about Summer.  The feeling (it's more carefree), the vacations, the weather, the water.... the DECOR!

Yea, that's what I really love.

Decorating for Summer.  "Summer-izing!"  I grew up at the beach but I don't live there now.  I'm landlocked here in Scottsdale, Arizona.  But that doesn't stop me from bringing the beach TO ME!

How do you do it?  Don't go overboard if you don't have the cash.  There's certainly lots of expensive ways to "Summer-ize" your house but it's not always necessary.

It can be easy, and INexpensive, if you pay attention to these 5 Tips:

1 - Sea Glass

It doesn't even have to be the real stuff.  They sell it everywhere these days.  Simply put this glass in a beautiful jar (below) or as a bottom layer in a vase (above).  However you use it - it will always look cool!

2 - Make a Summer Wreath

I've always loved a good wreath.  For the longest time, I looked for one to help accessorize my Summer decor... but found nothing.  That's when I decided to make one.  You can too!
First, find a grapevine wreath... they're inexpensive (at Michael's).  Then, just grab your glue gun, some stuff you want to stick on there and go to town!

3 - Use lots of Turquoise (aqua)! 

The clock strikes Summer and I put Turquoise (aqua - whatever that color is) EVERYWHERE.  It just yells SUMMER FUN!  It really should be named the official-color-of-Summer if you ask me.  It's found all over my house May-September and it's heavenly.  In pillows (above), in candy (below)

I buy towels...

and even napkins in the color.

Just sprinkle Turquoise/aqua/light blue all over the place and you may start to hear waves crashing just beyond your front door.

4 - Natural Elements
This is a no brainer.  Bring in those Sea Shells.  Put them anywhere you can stick 'em... on the coffee table

 Under the coffee table...

On a ladder...

In the shower...

As a soap dish (this is in my daughter's bathroom - otherwise that soap would be - YOU GUESSED IT - Turquoise)!

But don't limit yourself to just Sea Shells... think all natural elements like Sea Grass (below) and even SAND!

Not sure how environmentally PC it is... but I grabbed a little sand from the beach I grew up on and I use it, almost every year, here... as a filler in my candle hurricanes.

Natural, beautiful and Summery!  Oh what a wonderful world....

5 - Signs 
Finally, if people aren't getting the feel of Summer with all the other tricks - spell it out for them.  Literally.  Put fun signs up that tell people to chill out and enjoy the Summer Sun.  That arrow (below) is pointing to the "Beach..." even though it IS 300 miles away!

I made the sign below, years ago...

Finally, check out my "Relax" sign that's pictured first up on this post.

Inspired yet?!  Now, take all those ideas into each room and turn your house into your very own beach house this Summer!  Hmmmmmm... does that mean you can cancel vacation and just stay home?  Naaaahhhhhh!


  1. These are BRILLIANT tips! Small steps for a big visual impact. Totally sharing this... my dream house is decorated in a beach-type theme, but right now all my stuff is freebie hand-me-downs. :)

    1. always good to stash your favorite ideas now - for when you can do them later (pretty sure that's the whole basis of pinterest, huh?!!!)

  2. This is such a great idea. This post makes me want to put on a swimsuit and head to the beach.

  3. I LOVE IT! So simple and SO CUTE!! Great ideas.... :)

  4. What great ideas!! I love the beachy look.. I need to try some of this stuff!

  5. This post is very timely. I'm hoping that we sell our house and move to the beach in the next few months. If so, I will be strapped for cash and will definitely use these helpful hints.

    1. then see... you will have a waaaaay more legit reason to decorate like this!


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