Thursday, May 21, 2015

Time Flies When You're Living the Dream.

The Headlines:

Why is is that time flies when you're 88...

But crawls when you're 8?

Because dreaming about life is easy.

Getting the dream takes a lot of work.

Yesterday, on my little boy's last day of 3's Pre-school he was bubbling over with excitement saying:
"I can't wait 'til I'm in the 4's class... I just can NOT wait."
He paused for a a few seconds and then added,
"Mom, how many years 'til I'm in the 4's class?"
"Not years buddy... months... 3 months until you're in the 4's class!"

But to a little guy like him it may seem like years until he starts his next pre-school class.  Think back.  Remember how it used to take FOREVER to reach Christmas after Summer break?  Yes, when you're a child, time seems to go by so very very slowly.  But as you grow... something happens and all of the sudden - time speeds up faster than a lightning strike.

The past few weeks, the constant chatter here is all about the end of school.  In Scottsdale, Arizona, our school year concludes before Memorial Day Weekend.  Another year in the books.  2014-15 is about to turn the page forever.  "Where did it go?"  all the Moms wonder.  It seems like just yesterday I was volunteering to be the Room Mom in my children's classrooms.   Now, we're preparing for the "End of the Year Party."  And I'm not sure how we got here.

Ask my daughter or son and they may disagree.  It's the typical children's, "are we there yet?" mentality.  In this case, we are there.  But what seemed like a flash to me was one long drive for them.  Why is that?  Why does time go so fast the older we get?

Do I dare I say it's because, as adults, we're busy working?  And not necessarily at a job.  I think... time flies because we adults are pursuing our dream.  Many of us, using up every last second trying to do something incredible.

If you're not working to earn money, you're improving your house, trying to help your children, maybe perfecting your margarita or taking the best picture.  Perhaps you're training to do the hardest marathon or finding just the right out-fit.  You could be busy planning an amazing vacation or the perfect party.  It's all "work".  It all takes time.  And it all flies.

On the other hand, our children take those same minutes to play.  Sure, they do some work.  Be it homework, maybe sports, they read, do chores.  But mostly - they just be.  And dream.  About what they want to be or do... someday.  So time seems to drag on and on and on.

My daughter's last day of 3rd grade is tomorrow.   As she finishes, I will take comfort in the fact that she will enjoy the day as she wishes it away into the next.  And I will remind myself to relish the moments as I live out the dream that once danced in my head as a child.

To Summer...


  1. This is so true.. time flies as an adult..

  2. Time does fly by... its depressing. But its important to remember and cherish each moment.

  3. I think with kids now it goes even faster!


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