Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Soda Pop Cupcakes

The Headlines:

Dad, make these easy cupcakes as a treat for Mom.

Kids, help Dad make these easy cupcakes as a treat...

For MOM.

Mother's Day is this weekend and she's usually in charge of all baking in the house. But for once, enlist Dad to join forces with the kids and make something for the woman who enriches your life every single day.

These are Soda-Pop Cupcakes.

And they're so easy...  there's no excuse for Dad NOT to pitch in!

Why Soda-Pop?  First, I think it's just fun to use something out-of-the-ordinary like that in baking.  Second, the soda not only gives it an extra zing but also makes the cakes richer.  Third, the more sugar loaded junk we can get in our kids on a daily basis, the better, right?

Kidding about that last one.

But really... the kids love the idea of SODA in cupcakes so much they practically fall over themselves trying to get to the kitchen to help!  You're welcome DAD!

Here's What You Need:
Your fav cake mix
Your fav soda
Whatever the recipe calls for, i.e.: eggs, oil (use coconut if you can, healthier than vegetable or canola) but minus the water, which you're replacing with SODA
Whipping cream (the kind from the freezer section)
**any other add ins

Here's What You Do:
In its very basic form you take the box of cake mix and make it according to the instructions but instead of adding water you use soda.  Just use a little more than it calls for... like a cup & a half.  Then bake the cupcakes in a muffin tin for about 20 minutes.

Once finished and cooled, add whipped cream as frosting or...

Make Your Own Whipped Cream: 3 cups heavy cream, 1/2 cup sugar, 2 tspns vanilla and beat on medium-high until it's whipped cream!  So easy and incredibly yummy!

But before you do all that, you must think.  The sky's the limit.  What kind of flavor do you want to create?  Chocolate with Coca Cola?  Chocolate with Dr. Pepper? Yellow with Cream Soda? Maybe even white with Orange Soda? That could be weird but ya never know?  Then, ponder a bit more... do you want to add anything else to it?

I started with a yellow cake & cream soda.  I added a tspn & a half of coconut extract to both the batter and the whipped cream frosting.  I also plopped some sweetened coconut on top.  It was fabulous.  I then decided to get really crazy and added some white chocolate chips to a few of cupcakes before they baked.  Other ideas: maybe throw in some chocolate chips to Chocolate and Coke cakes.  The Coke cakes have a real good flavor!  Or perhaps try some peppermint extract to Chocolate and Dr. Pepper?

Again, let your imagination run wild!  You never know where it will take you.

But for our purposes, hopefully... this year it will take you to something tasty for Mom... on her big day!

Good luck & let me know how it goes!


  1. What a cute and easy cupcake idea to make for Mom....homemade frosting too!?!? I like it!

    1. homemade or.... frozen STORE BOUGHT whipping cream my dear!!! but the recipe on here for whipping cream is TO DIE for!

  2. This looks yummy. Can I make it as a cake instead of cupcakes?

    1. you bet, same thing, just put it in a cake tin!!!

  3. I have never heard of this!! So cool, my kids would love anything involving soda too!!

    1. totally. soda is such a no no in our house - it's so exciting when they get it!

  4. Those look super yummy. Love your little helpers


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