Monday, October 21, 2013

Crap! It's my 10 year Anniversary!

The Headlines:

We've been married 10 years! Holy Moly!

What do I get a man who gave me my world? 

I give him the world.

So, it was our 10 year Anniversary on Friday.  October 18, 2003 BP and I got married.  Thank God!  Best decision I ever made.  I won't go through our long history... you're too busy to listen to my life story but -- I will say we met in college.  And because I'm picky I can't just get the guy a tie or a massage for such a momentous occasion.  It had to be more.  I wanted it to be special and cool.  Meaningful.  Since, I'm picky and all!  But WHAAAAAT?

I went on line and found out 10 years was tin or aluminum.  And I was like... huh?  I get the guy a can of beer?  Or better yet - buy him some aluminum cookware (which has been linked to alzheimer's disease - seriously!) - nope not gonna work!  And I hate (most of the) really cheesy gifts you can get at Red Envelope (some aren't too bad).  I was lost.

So, to spur my creative juices I began to write this post!  Would you believe it worked?  I love this blog!  As I wrote the headlines (above) I came up with an idea.  What do I get a man who gave me my world?  I give HIM the world.  It was a start.  But how would I...?  A couple minutes later I came up with my partial plan.  I found a large (36" x24") vintage poster of the world and a white frame that would fit it.  Then my idea was to put a large photo of us in the middle.  But I was afraid it would look kinda lame. It did.  SO I took out the picture (bought a separate frame for that)  and then a friend suggested I mark all the places we had gone together.  I did.  With hearts.  And it doesn't look cheesy...

Then I free-handed wrote "You Gave Me the World..."

We went to Europe and, of course, Hawaii... so there are other hearts out among the rest of the world too.

And that's it!  The only other thing I did was add an extra coat of spray paint on the frame and then scuffed it with an electric sander to make it a bit cooler.  Minor detail.

And then I placed it... also with that large picture frame of us - in our room.

Simple.  Inexpensive.  Map $10 plus tax & shipping, frame $40 plus tax & shipping, paint pen  $3...  And most of all, a gift, I think (hope), will matter more than any tie I could have bought him.

I wrote this blog post for one main reason:  to encourage you to think "outside the box" - is that the most annoying term ever?  Yea, I just used it too... but really to go beyond what you're used to doing for the person who may mean the world to you - and do something different.  Your precious idea will come to you.  Maybe on a walk, when you're writing, or perhaps in the middle of that boot camp class.  It will come to you - if you look for it.  And the person who receives it will feel honored that you took the time to go beyond the dozen roses, the fancy dinner, or even that gorgeous watch!  Because what you gave him or her, in thought, may just matter more.

And what, do you ask, did he get me?  Well, I can't write everything on this blog!  Some things have to stay a secret!  But it certainly wasn't a map!

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