Monday, October 28, 2013

Own your mess - decorate it!

The Headlines:

We are all busy.

We make messes.

Own your mess.

Give it a name.

So many of my friends are in the throws of motherhood.  Life is crazy and busy and those kids just create messes every step of the way.  Now brace yourself.  This is hard for husbands to realize, I know. But sometimes we can't clean it all up.  Why?  Oh, so may reasons.  Johnny wanted to play.  Jimmy wanted lunch.  Jennifer wanted to breastfeed - 10 times today (the NERVE)!  Therefore, the house is not spic and span by the time the man of the house arrives home.  Yea, and he wanted dinner too!

Yes, mess happens.  It happens to all of us.  But sometimes you don't have to run from your mess -  you can face it head on!  You can even use it as a decorating opportunity.  Please don't want to shoot me at this point.  Just hear me out.  Do you have some space, or, maybe place that tends to accumulate stuff?  It can be in the kitchen.  It can be in the hallway.  Perhaps even the laundry room.  You know, things just settle there.  I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say I'm pretty sure we all have that spot and mine is here.

It's a weird little hallway, if you want to call it that... on the way to our home office.  And for some reason, the builder... perhaps to go with our "adobe style" home... decided to add the little "steps" on the side of the wall.  Weird, huh?  Anyways, no matter how hard we tried not to - we constantly put stuff there.  It's  a nice little space to do that, right?  But wow... did it look bad and MESSY.  So I decided we would embrace the mess and take control of it.

I gave it a name.  Message Center.

I bought a cool burlap covered cork board (Home Goods - $25) and found some size appropriate baskets (IKEA - $8) and a copper tray (Target - $7) - I also got rid of some lame, framed pictures that I put there, for, I'm not sure what reason and it was like the heavens opened and sang "Ahhhhhhhhhh-hhhhh"... I LOVE IT!  The mess has gone no where, in fact, there's more of it... you just can't tell.

Problem solved.  And now the mini hallway looks great... like it under-went a serious facelift in a matter of minutes.  BP (husband ) is happier, life's a little brighter (okay - maybe I'm pushing it a bit at this point) but you get my drift.

Now if only we could do that for the rest of the place...?  Yea, I'll work on that...

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