Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fans vs. Chandeliers

The Headlines:

No matter how you slice it: fans are ugly!

Chandeliers are good decor.

We live in Arizona.

Which one wins?

Have you ever seen a fan that enhances a homes look?  Don't get me wrong, some are better than others but they're all, rather universally... ugly.  Last week, I had a luxury home builder at my house and for some reason we got on the subject of fans vs. chandeliers.  He said his wife will not allow one single fan into their home.  I was like... sir, your wife and I speak the same language!

Chandeliers on the other hand, make statements.  They often are like pieces of art.  They can help you "Define your Style" and sometimes, even change it, a bit, from room to room! One of the pictures above was taken in my dining room... the other in my "desert cottage casual" living room.  Can you tell which is which?  Sure you can!  They help define that space.

Fans have a harder time of that. What does this fan say to you about this room? 
Yea... not much.

When we built a house here in Arizona back in 2003... I allowed one fan to be put into it.  It went in the office.  The fan was kind of manly and dark brown and, actually, on the better side of horrible.  But, because my husband worked from home at the time - no fan - was not an option.  He has veto power over all my home decisions and for that... he used it.  A fan would go in that room whether I liked it or not!  But there was not one other room with a fan in it.  We had 3 chandeliers plus lamps and  some canned lighting.  I was happy.  I could have used a few more chandeliers but I knew we were going to move eventually so I never pushed it.

When we did move... the house we purchased had a fan in, almost, every room.  Two, in our master.  Every single one of them are ugly.  Some... hideous.  See below.

But remember, for anyone who lives outside of the state that experiences (almost) the hottest temperatures in the entire country.... all BP sees... are the electricity bills.  Our Scottsdale house is about 1500 square feet larger than the Phoenix house we moved from... yet he says the bills are smaller.  He attributes that.... all together now --- to the fans!  According to him, the fans are saving us real cash.  That is awesome.  Saving money, helping the environment... totally ruining my decorating mo-jo!

So what's a girl to do?  How do we make them better?  We need solutions!  Solution number one:  paint. I am not buying new fans.  Not now at least.  So really, the only solution here is to paint the fan.  Paint it the color of the ceiling  (typically white) and they will become somewhat see through.  Like this....

I truly never see this fan.  It just fades away.  So, that is on my agenda.  Painting all pieces of the fans white, to match their ceiling.  Solution number 2...  the higher the ceiling the better.  Our ceilings are incredibly tall.  So, many people probably don't even see the fans - thank you Lord! That may or may not matter to you since, my guess, is your ceiling height isn't going to change.

So good luck in your chandelier vs. fan quest.  Mine is already over and I am full speed ahead on the fan train.  Just going to try to make it a less rocky ride!  

By the way, there is one time a fan does work.

When it's outside.

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