Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Make a Pallet Coffee Table

The Headlines:

We need a new coffee table.

I wanted to make one out of a pallet.

We did.

But... I'm picky... so...?? 

I love the look of pallets.  I  know it's weird... but when I see them "driving" down the street they always catch my eye.  Even in that super raw state.  I think the pallet look is cool.  There are so many things to do with them, I feel they're just calling my name.  So... when I asked BP (the husband) if he'd be interested in making a coffee table out of a pallet.  He was super stoked.  Okay, maybe that's over-playing it a bit.  But he was game.  He was willing.  He was up for the task.  Mainly because, it's such an easy task.  Right?  Honestly.  Our plan was simple.

Get 2 pallets.  Buy 4, 4x4's.  Home Depot or Lowe's will cut them to you height specs.  Glue wood with wood glue... drill holes, fill with wood glue and sink 6 inch bolts to attach them to the pallets.    

Attach second pallet the same way.  Then prime and paint.  It took like 8 hours with glue and paint drying time.  EASY!  For BP,  have I mentioned he's awesome?  And this is the finished product.  I LOVE it!

Really I do.  It's exactly what I wanted.  It looks great.  Pause pause pause... wait for it...  except I wasn't quite sure it worked.  For 2 reasons... it's a little too white.  No biggie, we can re-paint  a more cream color.  But even more importantly, for the room, I think it's a smidge bulky.  And I keep going back to this picture. 

I really may like the way it looks without a second pallet below it.  I think it could go with the room a little better.  Not to say I don't LOVE the other one, because I do!  And here's the best part... this picky chick's husband agrees.  Thank God!  So, we're doing another one and deciding which we like better!  Yes, I was fully prepared for my husband to want to kill me... I'm so glad he didn't!   

So, are you ready for this task?  Of course you are... just remember they are large, bulky coffee tables so you need to pick the right space for it.  When you do, you're going to love love love it too!  Stay tuned... I'll show pics of the next one and maybe you can help me decide!  

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