Friday, October 18, 2013

Define your Style!

WHAT is Defined Style? 
Think of it as giving your home an identity.  It's not easy to do, at first.  But once you get it down... I promise - it will make your (decor) life so much easier!

Now, you have given yourself a very clear path on which to drive on.  No longer are you taking a road trip, unaware of where you're going.  Once you define your style - think of it as if you are on the 10 freeway and you're not getting off at a rest stop or a McDonald's because you know exactly where you're going and will not be detoured.  Therefore, when you go into decor stores, you can look and admire things but know what you will and won't buy because it either fits or doesn't fit your "defined style."

HOW do you Define - Your - Style? 
Use 2 to 3 words that describes how you like (or how you want to) decorate.
I'm helping someone with her home right now which we're calling: Rustic Modern Glam

I define my style as "Desert Cottage Elegance"... what in the world does that mean?   It means I live in the desert but I like to decorate differently than most people here.  I don't do Tuscan, or Southwestern or Contemporary, which are common themes.  I appreciate Antique/Farm House looks and I grew up on the beach so I like the light, airy, not too formal, "loved in" look!  But desert to me also means bringing in some browns... for some reason dark brown reminds me more of desert than light brown.  Light brown implies beach town.  My main home colors are very basic: white, dark brown, black.  I like to bring in color on a seasonal basis.  Summer = turquoise, Fall = orange, Christmas = red, New Year sticks to neutral colors, Spring = pink/pastels.

Here are some small examples of what I call "Desert Cottage Elegance"  A white kitchen with some warms browns (floors and granite) and textures (wicker counter stools) mixed in so as to not make it too cold.

A wreath hung in front of a mirror... that I "antiqued."

I love windows as "art" ... I particularly like putting fabric behind the glass.

There are always places or "nooks" that you need to do something with... you can make them functional or more visual.  This is much more the latter... but it fills the space nicely and gives it purpose

This is an old stool with some new fabric on it.  I love old stools like this in corners that have no room for anything else... again giving the space a small purpose while enhancing the "Desert Cottage" style of my home.

Everyone knows painted furniture screams cottage.  I love to paint furniture... not all of it but some.  White is usually my preference.  This is our kitchen table and I love the "art" on the wall behind it.  They're just old grates but so pretty! Avert your eyes from the since "re-done" bar in the background.  You can see it HERE ... it's a Do-it Yourself Wine Box Bar Front and it's pretty special!

Now, keep in mind... these are just little "vignettes," if you will, of my "Defined Style".
Here's another fun one: DIY Window Screen = A Picture Frame! See that project HERE ... finally one of my popular posts ever is this Picket Fence Headboard - see it HERE.

WHEN should do you Define - Your - Style? 
There's no time like the present.  If you need help... reach out!

Now go get your Defined Style ON!  Whatever it is...

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