Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Best Store Bought Frozen Pizza Ever!

The Headlines:

I love pizza. 

Sometimes you gotta eat frozen.

I have found the best, all natural,  frozen pizza ever!

Everyone is picky about pizza.  Pizza is personal.  Some like thick.  Some like thin.  Some of you only eat cheese.  Others just pepperoni.  And the really weird ones like -- hawaiian style.  Kidding.  Kinda.  Let's face it, pizza styles are all over the board.  But if you like thin crust and you occasionally need a pie you can bake to feed a room in 10 minutes - I have got your answer.

The best frozen pizza I have ever had is called Palermo's.  It looks like this in the box.

And once you cook it at 450 degrees for 10 minutes, this is what it looks like.

It is like eating a little piece of heaven.  Really, every time I serve it I get another person on board the Palermo Pizza Express.  Another reason I like it is because it's all natural.  Not organic, which I loook for a lot, but it's minimally processed, no artificial ingredients.

Because you know, frozen pizzas can get really scary if you read the labels.  Seriously, check it out sometime.  Bet you can't say many of those words!  This one says all the stuff you expect:  garlic, yeast, cheese, tomatoes.  I cut really thin slices for my kids.  Bigger if adults are eating it.  It can feed about 3 hungry kids.  It can feed me alone if I'm starving.  But usually I share a little with BP (the husband).  The Margherita pizza is pictured here but they also make an incredible "everything" pizza with super yum sausage and pepperoni on it!  You can find them at probably most major grocery stores - I've seen them there before but I always get mine at Costco.  Four pizza's for around $14.  And when they have them, if freezer space allows,  I buy 2 packages.  Why?

Because they're always out.  Yea, guess I'm not the only one who likes these red, white and green discs of cheesy love!  I wish I could meet the Fallucca Family who apparently started making Palermo's Italian food back in 1964.  I think I may give them a big fat hug.  They make my family pretty happy about once every 2 weeks when they bite into one of their creations.  But anyways,  there I go again, off subject.

Bottom line for you...  this is an amazing pizza.  Even my mom theeee pickiest woman ON the planet - no joke -  loves these.  And, trust me, that's saying a lot.

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