Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Break Treat!

The Headlines:

It's fall break in Scottsdale!

Time for a not-too-hot not-too-cold kid treat.

Recipe for easy Snickerdoodle-Coconut Ice cream sandwich!

Fall break in Arizona never feels really "fall-ish"here... honestly.  It's still in the 80's... and quite frankly that's cool!  Typically, we're, I swear, usually in the 90's and sometimes closer to 100 degrees through October!  Which means, for a fun kid treat... we can still do some sort of ice cream!  And boy... do I have a great ice cream sandwich that adds a little taste of fall (the cinnamon.  Yes that's how I think, I only do season appropriate food - I fully understand I'm different) into the home.  And yes, as always, so stinking easy!

Snickerdoodle/Coconut  Ice Cream Sandwich

Here's the problem with this treat.  Adults eat them all before the kids can go back a few days later and have seconds!  Sorry.  But for a mom at night... this dessert just calls my name once the kids go to sleep. Because, yes, it is MAJOR yum.

Okay you'll need:
Vanilla Ice Cream (Breyer's natural vanilla is one of my favs)
Snickerdoodle cookies  (either buy or make however you want - I choose Pillsbury tube sugar cookie refrigerated dough, you know the kind)
Cinnamon and Sugar (if you make your cookies)
Sweetened Coconut
Corn Flakes (whatever brand, this last time I used some Gluten free type because my father-n-law had left them here... what can I say, his loss, our gain!)

Toast the coconut first.  Put about 1 cup plus on a cookie tray and lightly toast it under the broiler.  Don't burn it which is easy to do.  Then make the cookies.  I use that sugar cookie dough tube by pillsbury and just sprinkle some sugar and cinnamon together in a bowl, mix, and then heavily sprinkle that on the cookies before they bake.  While that's happening take some corn flakes , maybe 3 cups, place in a baggie and smash them.  Not too small.

Then place on a plate.  Once cookie's are done they need to cool.

When the cookies are cooling take out the ice cream so it's not hard as a rock and, when it's ready, fold the coconut into the ice cream... throw a little cinnamon in there too, not too much, just for fun!  Then grab a cookie and with an ice cream scooper, plop some ice cream on a cookie, smash (not too hard or they will break) another cookie on top and roll the ice cream sides that are popping out a bit over the corn flakes.  Work fast!  If the ice cream get too melty, watch out!  Then cover each one with some plastic wrap and freeze right away.  Kids can help with this, have them open the freezer each time and hand you plastic wrap because I'm telling you - time is of the essence.  Then freeze them for a few hours before actually serving.  They'll keep in the freezer for weeks!

I have been making these for years... and they NEVER disappoint.  Any of us!  Sorry, mom who's on a strict diet!

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