Monday, December 16, 2013

Ooooey Goooey Sticky Buns

The Headlines:

Christmas morning is coming.

Let's make a Christmas Miracle!

Sticky buns recipe.

Okay... are you counting down like me?  I mean, my kids?  10 days until Christmas, 9, 8, 7... the funny thing is, when the day finally arrives, it's over in a flash.  The morning is like a blur.  And breakfast?  It's like the ONE time every year my kids don't even really need a breakfast... they're running on, I dunno, Christmas morning adrenaline!  But they need to eat something.  

SO how about this:

Yea, these babies are full of ooh, gooey goodness and - no joke - may take you 3 minutes to do.  Perhaps 5, tops. The NIGHT before.   And when you wake up you'll experience what I like to call a CHRISTMAS MORNING MIRACLE!  More on that in a minute...

My cousin made these sticky buns about 15 years ago for my entire family who had gathered in Lake Oswego, OR to celebrate my grandmothers birthday.  It really is the perfect thing to help feed a morning crowd.

Here's what you need: 
A pkg of Rhodes dinner rolls (in your freezer section)

1 pkg of jello butterscotch cook and serve pudding
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup melted butter
1 tblspn cinnamon

Here's what you do:
Find a large pan and grease it with butter.
Mix all the dry ingredients together.
Line the balls up in the pan. 18-20 of them.
Then pour the dry mixture over the balls.

Melt the butter and pour that over the balls too.

And this is where the Christmas morning miracle comes in: show your kids the balls the night before...

then show them what they become in the morning!  Holy smokes!  And this is not even as puffy as they usually get... often it's more poof!  Trust me, your kids will be impressed!

Now, I let them sit overnight in the oven, as seen above. But be careful with this... make sure the oven is cooled and don't use your oven in the meantime... then your Christmas miracle officially becomes a Christmas bust!

Next, (take them OUT of the oven) until it reaches 325 and pop those suckers (back) in! Let them cook for 30 minutes.  Take them out for 10 minutes before you turn them over in a large bowl.

Check it out... 18 mounds of yummy, melt in your mouth, cinnamon goodness.  Mmmmmm.  Here they are closer.  

This, my friends, is a MUST MAKE.  Your kids will think you're  better than Santa Claus.  And well, you are.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm................

Sorry I just fell asleep on my key board and dreamed a little bit.  Ho ho ho! Merrrreerrry sticky buns!

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