Friday, December 27, 2013

I got a MOP for Christmas

The Headlines:

Didn't ask for a thing this Christmas.

I got a vacuum cleaner.

Is that a problem? 

BP (husband) and I have not actively exchanged Christmas prizes for a while.  We instead focus our efforts and money on our Christmas Eve party, the dinner we serve for 6-10 people on Christmas Day, the kids prizes and our parents.  Plus of course, Jesus' Birthday!  We figure, he and I can get what we want throughout the year.  Or at birthdays, anniversaries, that sort of thing.  Sometimes, though, we put a little something for each other under the tree.

Two years ago he bought me a house.  That was actually sort of a mutual gift.  Last year he got me my first crock pot.  I actually wanted that thing though... honestly.  This year, I was kind of thinking of a purse.  But I didn't ask for it... I actually asked for nothing this year.  But he got me something anyways.  This...

That is, what they call a Roomba. It cleans floors when you're asleep. Heard of it?

Yes, he basically got me a mop.  Which cost several hundred dollars.  It's the pet series.  Maybe that makes it pricier? I'm not sure.  It seems to be a nice piece of machinery.  Really.  I've heard lots of good things about them.  Yes, he said he wanted his wife to work a little less on keeping our nice, dark wood floors clean.  Or maybe he was sending me a big, fat hint.  Whatever he was doing, I appreciated it.

Right?  Wait, let me think about it.

He was doing something very sweet but does any woman really want to be given a mundane household item (outside of a crock pot) for  Christmas?  I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say no.  I realize, it'a a very short limb... because I think most women would not be excited to get a Roomba for Christmas. I know.  It pains me to say it when he was, I believe, really trying here.  But here's how I see it.  That black, Rebecca Minkoff purse I've been coveting for a while now is just a (couple) hundred dollars more.  And if I'm going to spend so much on something - doesn't a beautiful purse sound like more fun than... a self moving mop?  Or better yet, maybe donating that money to our church over a.. floor robot?

By the way, have I mentioned I clean the floors for free (outside of what I pay for Bona - a great wood floor polisher, fyi) - do I really want to pay a machine to do it for me?  Should we instead put that money to use elsewhere?  I'm not so sure.  I haven't said, definitively, I'm taking it back.  These are all questions I've been mulling over in my head the past couple days as I continually pass the big, un-opened box by the tree.

For the record,  BP always gets me my favorite prize every year.  The letter/card he writes me.  His kind words and loving heart are, by far, my greatest world-ly gift under the tree.  I am and always do feel so blessed.  So really - anything after that is just icing on the -vacuum cleaner- cake.
Therefore, it's hard to say, Roomba aside, that this Christmas was anything but a complete success.  Grandparents came.  The kids got way too much stuff.  The Christmas Eve party was enjoyed by all...  Jesus had a great birthday dinner.  And I got an electronic crumb eater.  Nothing to shake a stick at.

Now if you're at all wondering what I got for BP this year... he's been working so hard lately I thought a little something special was in order this Christmas.  So I got him a very nice wool oatmeal colored, hoodie sweater from Nordstrom.

And some bed sheets.  Hey, anything's better than a MOP!   

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