Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Remembering the Holiday "Spirit"?

The Headlines:

Holidays are here.

Don't  stress out.

Don't throw a party (if you don't want to).

Find the spirit.

This blog post is different than my normal ones... I have no fabulous cocktail to tell you about (that's friday), there's no new decor score, I don't even have a yummy recipe to share.  But I hope you stay with me anyways and let me know, if you can, tell me how you're remembering the holiday "spirit"?  It's more important than picky purpose today.

The term "holiday spirit" is thrown around a lot this time of year.  But what, really, is it?  I guess it's what you want it to be.  To some it's lights and cookies.  To others, it's donating some gifts to a needy family.  For certain groups of people it may just be a feeling.  And then to others...  it may be what Christmas is named for... Christ.  Yea, Christmas is sort of the mother of all religious holidays if you're a Christian, less we forget.  It's, in its conception at least, not about Santa at all.  It's about Jesus being born.  If you believe that sort of thing.  If not, that doesn't change the fact that the holiday began due to the fact that Jesus was born -- but that doesn't matter to you.  It does, however, matter to me.  It is what the "holiday spirit" is all about in our home.

But sometimes... that's hard to remember.  When I moved into my first house and really started decorating for the season I kind of left out that it was about Jesus being born.  I was more motivated by the coolness of candy canes and wreaths (you know - all the stuff I've already showed you...) and this guy:

Man, isn't he adorable?  I can't get enough of the old fashioned Santa Claus look.  I mean, classic cute-ness!  Check out this one... I just got it at my favorite store (ha)... Walmart.  They have a couple of these old fashioned Santa looks right now.

Love it!  See, I'm doing it again.  My sense of style takes over and I just take a left turn from the road I'm driving on.  The road of righteousness! Nah... but it's true - I don't want to say I forgot the reason for the season because I really didn't.  We still went to church and prayed and remembered his birthday but I did forget to visually remind myself, my family and everyone who came into my home, for that matter, what - ultimately - we were celebrating during December.  Not to mention,  it could be so easily done by putting up a nativity scene.  Which I even had in my possession.  In fact, my grandmother, when she was alive,  as a pastor's wife, had made (painted) a couple... and yet every Christmas... they sat in a box.  The worst part: it was a conscious decision, of mine, not to put them up.  They sort of infringed on my style.  Talk about taking One Picky Chick to extreme.  I know, I'm terrible!  But last year... when we moved into our new house - enough was enough.  The nativity scenes came out.  And wouldn't you know...

my 6 year old daughter loved them.  And I remembered... as a little girl, I did too!  What's not to love?  Little people and animals and even a BABY! So we put this one in her room.  

Now, everyday, we are reminded.  Jesus was born on December 25th.  And that day is coming up.

I know so many women each year who get really stressed about this season.  This is hard concept... don't.  It so doesn't matter. Instead, this does.

Baby Jesus
If you put up a tree and a nativity scene - I promise - your kids will be happy!  The holiday "spirit" will be right there. And that's enough.

I happen to like to decorate for Christmas... fall, spring... summer.  Obviously.  The minute I'm not having fun doing it - I will stop.  I also like having a Christmas Eve party.  If it stressed me out too much... I wouldn't do it.   Jesus doesn't care about any of it.  I think he appreciates that nativity scene but I know he cares more about where my heart and head is... that's where my "spirit" really shows.

SO like I said at the top - the questions now is... how will you remember this years holiday "spirit"?  My sister in law has decided, this year, in her house, to make Christmas more "Christ centered"... she's trying to discourage so many prizes being given out in her home this holiday.  Another woman I've encountered through this blog actually, Heather Von St. James, is on a mission of "thankfulness" as she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer 8 years ago and given 15 months to live.  Read her story here:  Then, a friend I've known since I was a young girl is trying to raise funds to go on a mission trip with her children to a Mexican orphanage.  You can see that effort and/or donate here: fundraisingwebsite

All of the above are finding their holiday spirit this December.   It's not in a box, or on some big, white bearded guy's lap at the mall, it's not even in the oven.  It's inside them.  Here's to you finding yours... Merry Christmas.


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  2. I hear ya, chick. It's all about Him. Sure, I buy my kids and grandkids presents, I'm going to a Christmas Cookie exchange and a few parties, too. However, I shop on line, to avoid the sometimes mean spirited shoppers, and the rushing traffic. I reflect on my behavior in 2013, my morals and ethics, how to maintain enthusiasm while battling negativity, and ponder the monumental gift God sent, His Son Jesus Christ, born on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas, doll!

    1. I love it Cathy! Best during this holiday season to you and your family!


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