Friday, December 6, 2013

Candy Cane Chandelier

The Headlines:

Christmas decorating is stressful.

So try one of my EASY ideas!  

How to decorate your chandelier.

I, like many of you... love this time of year.   It's fun, people seem genuinely happy, more giving... all of that!  Here's what I don't like: the stress.  There are one million extra things for all of us "President's of Households" to do!  Like decorate.  It's a lot of work.  I know.  At our house, we spent almost 2 full days doing it this year.  But it's worth it.  It's so pretty and the kids are in awe.

So this year, to jump start your engines - I say do something different.  Doesn't it get boring seeing the same decorations year after year?  Instead - do this...

Candy Cane Chandeleir

Or this

Wreath Chandelier
These are two of my creations over the last few years I've been Christmas decorating.  They never cease to amaze people and the joy here -- they're both so easy!  The first, my candy cane chandelier, you could do in maybe 10 minutes.  All you have to be armed with is: 
  1. The right kind of chandelier... one that has little lamp shades so you can tuck the arm of the cane      over them.
  2. Obviously... you need candy canes!  

The key here is you can NOT - I repeat - CAN NOT turn on the chandelier while you have the candy canes placed on it or.... oops... melted candy cane chandelier doesn't look as good!  We have recessed lights in the ceiling of the dining room so we don't need the light from the chandelier.  That's why it works.

People love it.  And to be honest... so do I!  Alright my second idea is a tad more labor intensive... but barely.  For this one you'll need: 
  1.  A chandelier that is round.
  2.  A wreath that is large enough to sit on the outside of that round chandelier.  I used the large grapevine wreath all Michael's stores typically sell. 
  3. You have to get some cool ribbon that you will use to hang the wreath (times 3)... 
  4. If you want to decorate the wreath at all with flowers or pine cones or whatever... you'll need that stuff. 

I just used a wreath I already had and use other times throughout  the year... it wasn't busy hanging  anywhere during the holidays so it was perfect!  It just had little white flowers on it.  Then I got some cool, wide, red ribbon and looped it 3 places on the wreath.  BP (my husband) would then affix the 3 ribbons together at the top of the chandelier chain (right near the ceiling), leaving the bottom of the wreath to dangle a couple inches up from the bottom of the chandelier (see below) and voila... done.  

Unfortunately, I can't do this in my new house anymore (this is the old pad)... because I don't have a chandelier that will work.  We have a bunch of stinking fans!  But I already wrote about my feelings on that so I won't go into it again.  Point is, I'm bummed because it was a serious eye catcher.  And, again, so so so easy!  Okay quickly, a few more ideas.  One you see above on the table.

Not to state the obvious but this is just cranberries and marshmallows thrown in to make a candy cane look.  It only lasts a couple days so do this before your big Christmas Party or dinner or if you have a special occasion during the month!  

My final idea for this posts purpose... is to "wrap" stuff.  Put red, green, gold or whatever cool bow you find/have... and "wrap" whatever you want.  Here are three examples of what I "wrapped" in my home.  These baskets were an easy choice.  The box below already looks like a present.  Adding the bow made it more festive.  And then, I love candy jars... why not add a bow to one!  You could do pictures, tables, mirrors... the possibilities are endless.

There ya have it.  Easy, inexpensive ideas for your Christmas home.  I hope I've inspired you to use one of mine or, even better, come up with your own cool Christmas decor.  Just love it as you live with it for the next month!  And be picky - you deserve it!  

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