Friday, December 20, 2013

The Making of a Tradition.

The Headlines:

Traditions.  Do or don't?

We didn't.  But we will.

Turns out they're important to kids!

If I am One Picky Chick than my mom, as I've mentioned here before, is Theeee Pickiest Chick on the planet.  For instance, vacations, growing up had to be different each year.  She could love, like looooove a place that we visited but because we had been there that one time - never going back.  Her theory: been there, done that. I get it.  I'm a tad like that now.

So, good or bad, we never really did any year after year traditions during the holidays (except going to church).  I think it was due to the same theory behind the no-repeat vacation.  Repetition, in that context, became boring to my mom.  Therefore, I am not used to traditions.  This last weekend my husband came to me with an idea.  His family, from what I can tell, utilized more "traditions" than us...  and he wanted to start one.  A simple one.  A good one.  He wanted the kids to make an ornament each year.  That way, they could have a concrete thing to look back at which would, hopefully,  help them remember that particular Christmas.  Or at least, the making of that particular ornament!

Yikes. The stress!  For someone not "kid crafty," like me, I started to panic a little inside.

But the bigger issue in front of me here was... it got me thinking: kids need and probably thrive through "traditions."  Why?  They like repetition, which provides security to them.  Each and every Christmas, making an ornament will be reliable, familiar and can provide moments of happiness which they will reflect on for a lifetime.  Wow.  All from a little ornament, huh?  Of course.  That's what childhood is... little snipets that either make you feel good or bad.  It's the memories that mold you.  Like: "remember when we made that horrible ornament with mom in 2013 when we started this whole thing!  What a disaster.  But it was funny!" That's what I'm counting on for this year.

Yea, because once I decided to make an ornament...  I really needed to make one.  Great!  As I hinted to above, despite what you may (possibly) think from this blog...  I am not very kid creative.  I have a vision for certain things... mostly adult things.  But there is a lot of good, kid-craft talent out there.  You probably have a friend whose super at this type of thing, right?  Actually, maybe you are her... there's probably a few blogs on it too for that matter!  You know the type... every time you go over to her house she has a cute little project for your kids to do and you, in turn, feel like this super inadequate/boring under-achieving mom of the year!  She doesn't do this intentionally - she's just a craft queen!  Anyways, this is the kind of mom I tried to channel this year.  I failed.  You could say miserably.

Yes, I chose the easy route.  The route I often choose to decorate my holiday dinner table - but for some reason it works better for that.  Huh.  I wonder why?  Anyways, I went outside.  I found some sticks and thought - ah ha!

We can make a cross! 

I just grabbed those sticks, some thread and ribbon and went to town.

It was looking okay but when we wrapped that ribbon.... blah.

You can say it.  Okay I will, so bad!!!

SOOOO bad I actually took the ribbon off one of them and just left it as a stick version.  I thought it looked a little better.  It made my son cry.

Ironically, BP (the husband) was impressed.  Maybe he was just being nice.  Yea, look up again... he was for sure just being nice. And honestly, I thought, whatever.  We did something.  Next year I'll plan for a better ornament.  In fact, if you know of any (maybe you're that friend of mine whose super crafty - you know who you are) - please send me some ideas!  Totally serious here.  Send them now so I can file them away for next year.

For this years purposes, however,  our stick ornament will be just fine.  Because sometimes being picky, seeking perfection and making a perfect ornament... is over-rated.  It's the tradition that started over the holidays in 2013 -- that little stick cross that will hang on our tree year after year that will mean more to all of us in the end.

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