Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Baseball Barrel Head

The Headlines:

Homemade gifts rock.

Baseball decor is cool.

I have an idea for you.

Do you like homemade gifts?  If you ask me - I'd say it depends upon what it is.  Well, this a homemade gift that's... a home run.  Ha.

Okay, here it is.

Know what it is....?  It's a Baseball Barrel Head.  Now that's a major curve ball.  They're so easy - you can make 2 or 3... everything's always better in 3's! 

This is the barrel head of a wine or liquor barrel that makers use to age their wine (or whiskey or whatever the product).  Like this...

Okay, I'll back up a bit.  It all started when I was planning my sons new baseball room this summer. I was trying to come up with cool/different baseball wall art.  And nothing was working.  Because.. all together now... I'm PICKY! So I thought it would be cute to make large paintings of baseballs (circular ones) and put them up.  BP (the husband) then came up with the barrel head idea.  Heck, those were already round.  PERFECT!  I loved it.

WARNING, WARNING, WARNING!  This is a very simple project.  The hardest part here is finding the barrel head.  If you can do that, you're home free.  Then all you do is prime and paint the head white.  To make the red lines - find something circular in your house.  We used a kids table that was round.  In pencil, outline the lines on each side.  Then paint with a red paint from a crafts store.

Use a baseball as your guide.

Then in pencil again, do your arrows.  One line going up, one line going down.  Just like the ball!

This was our first attempt.  BP - not happy with it.  I was seriously just gonna roll with this one.  Not him.  He is... honestly... way more detail oriented than I am.  Maybe I should call him One Picky Dude?  Wait, I feel like I've used that before on here.  Anyhow, he thought the two curved lines on the baseball barrel head (below) were too close together.  So he gave it to his friend at work for his little boys' room.  A perfect gift.  They loved it.  Then, he made the 2 new barrel heads up top which are just right.  Hudson just started T-Ball so we'll put his number on the one that's blank.

Use this, obviously, in a a boys room but there are also so many other opportunities:  a nursery (so cute!), a play room,  a tv room/sports room/man cave.... even some living rooms, depending on your style.

Okay, you're up - go play ball!


  1. This is just darling, Nicole. I think I will try this for my grandsons bedrooms as they are still pretty young but love anything to do with a ball!


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