Monday, January 13, 2014

Baby's First Pillow

The Headlines:

Your baby's clothes were so cute.

Don't stick them away in a box.

Do this instead.

When I was a young girl there were 2 pillows that remained on my bed until I was… in college.  This is one...

The other, I think, is still at my parents house.  It was a small dress that I used to wear.  The outfit above I wore too.  They were stuffed and sewn by my dad after they no longer fit.  What a memory.

Fast forward to when I had MY little girl… and… oh the clothes!  The clothes I bought for her were so stinken' cute I wanted to bottle them up and drink them.  But since that's not possible I turned to my dad.  Again.  This was the dress she wore for her first birthday party.  I love it.  The memories come rushing back when I see it.

Rather than stash it in a box... displaying it is so much better!  SO, I went a little crazy.  She had a lot of CUTE CLOTHES!  We did her adorable night oufit that was given to her as a newborn (below) and these overalls that I just knew were going to be so cute as a pillow - plus I put her name on it!

I did others but they're not shown here.  Then I began to talk to other moms, showing them what I'd done, they loooooved it!  Anything is better than sticking such sweet pieces away!  Some Moms tried to do something with them - they typically showed me their shadow boxed outfits.  But in the end they liked my idea better.  It was something kids and moms - for that matter - could grasp onto, literally, as they were growing older… and just remember.  

For a brief moment I even considered and investigated making my idea into a business.  But I didn't.  However I knew, and still know, we were on to something.  That's why I bring it to you today.  I know this is something every mom in America could do for their own babies.  Take that time, where your kids are young and innocent -- and capture it in a pillow.

I now have a son and have done the same thing for him.

I chose the very specific colors of his room and even stuck to a sport theme.  And, yes, I loved these outfits on him when he wore them at 1 year old.  So here, the pillow's purpose becomes two fold.  It's a decor tool and nostalgia!

Here's the thing about a "Baby's First Pillow"… you have to pick the outfit carefully.  Not every one will work.  It has to be easy to close and stuff.  Reference all of the outfits above.  The smaller the better.  For instance a 5 year old's outfit won't work as well as a 2 year olds.  Things like button down, collared shirts for boys are difficult because of the buttons and collar.  Girls dresses can be tricky if they're to flowy…  like pleats… how do you stuff those?   Bottom line, pick something simple and sweet and you won't be disappointed.

Our babies lives go so fast.  It sounds corny but you blink and they're teenagers and then they're off to college and pretty much out of our lives. This is one small way to preserve a moment in time forever.  You can squeeze on tight to a pillow when they're gone (and they can too)!  

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