Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kid Friendly Football Party!

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I love planning parties.

Here's a football party I did last year for my son.

8 ideas.

As the entire world knows, Super Bowl is upon us this upcoming weekend!  I have never thrown a Super Bowl Party… but I have thrown a "Hudson Bowl II"  

I, at the time, was not doing this blog so my pictures are… well… pretty much non-existent.  But the party was cute so I thought I'd share a couple of the ideas I can remember.  Beginning with this cute poster.  It was huge and set an awesome tone once people came in the door.  I can not take credit for it, however, my son's Godmother did it for him.  She found a "throw away" tablecloth and then fastened all the rest to it.  It was cumbersome, but that was okay since we only needed it for a few hours.  I loved it!

IDEA 1 (invite)
A good party always begins with a cool invite.  It shows people you're going to make this party special and people (kids) start to get excited for it even before they get there!  Yes, that can be accomplished with any old invite but isn't it more fun to set it apart!?  Well, it is for me!  I realize, I'm a little weird! Here's the one I made last year.  I pretty much make all my invitations.  It's, honestly, easier than buying them sometimes because I can never, easily, find what I want… and it really doesn't take that long once I get the idea solidified. 

This was made with some cool football textured/colored paper I found at Michael's.  I grabbed some brown cards and envelopes, then cut the textured paper and the cards to kind of match and fastened the football shape with double sided tape.  Then I cut the lines from some sticker backed puffy white "stuff" for lack of a better term (sorry)... 

It really did turn out cute.  Now, back to the party.  
We asked people to dress in their football gear… so my whole family had on jerseys.  

When people arrived, I asked if they wanted those eye protector sticker thing-a-ma-jigs.  They were so cute on the kids who did them!  

We did a lot of "football" food… I made a crock pot dip, BP's (my husband's) scrumptious ribs, of course chips and dip, Gatorade.  
IDEA 4 (food)
I also made, which I have no pictures of, chocolate rice crispy treats, which I cut into ovals and then carefully used a white frosting tube to draw the football strings on the treats.  

IDEA 5, 6 & 7 (games)
For games, the kids were two, so I was limited but we found some white duct tape and taped lines on our grass like a football field.  You can kind of see it in the picture below….

Then we played a couple of games we made up... like who can throw the ball the farthest...

we also played pin the ball on the goal post.  No pictures, but I duct taped a goal post to our outdoor, floor length window and then double taped some paper footballs (I found at Party City) so the kids (with some serious help from their parents) could stick them on.  Oh yea, and we played "hot football".  My take on "hot potato".  You know, the music stops and who-ever has the ball at the time is out.  It was all really cute!   All in all, my little football players scored a home-run!  Wait... 

IDEA 8 (cake)
Now for the crowning glory…. the cake.  It's on display during the entire party and kids covet it, for those 2 hours,  like it's Santa's lap during December.  It needs to be ultra-cool to top off an awesome party!  For that reason, I always "make it"… meaning I buy a sheet cake at Albertson's and cut/frost it to what I need it to be.  It's so easy and it looks way better than (almost) any cake I could buy.  Because I'm PICKY!  Again,  not a great picture of it but you get the drift.  

I had Albertson's (who makes really good tasting cakes by the way...) frost a half sheet green.  Then I bought another half sheet, cut it in the form of a football, and frosted it with chocolate frosting, then added the stripes.  Fabulous!  Place the cake somewhere everyone will see it and the one key thing I missed this time however,  was elevating it.  So it looks more important.  An easy way to do that is just to grab a cardboard box of any kind and disguise it with wrapping paper or whatever you choose to match your theme.  I will be doing that with my son's golf party, for sure, this year!  

So good luck with your own football party.  Use these ideas for your next Birthday bash or maybe incorporate some on this Super Sunday!  Hut hut! 


  1. I love planning parties as well! There's just something fulfilling about the feeling of being busy that party planning does, especially if it is for a kid's birthday. Picking out the theme and the games brings me back to my own childhood, so I've always loved celebrating and planning them. Anyway, you did great on organizing that one, Nicole. A good party planner knows that all you need to throw a good party is a creative mind, some colored paper and a roll of tape. :)

    Lauren Woods @ Adhesive Tapes Australia

    1. Agreed Lauren! I just threw another party for my daughter! I'll put that up soon!


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