Friday, January 17, 2014

Grouping = Decor

The Headlines:

Decorating is easy.

If you let it be.

Group something.  You got style.

Everyone wants to be a part of a group.  Why?  It makes you feel connected, like you're not alone, others are "in this" with you.  Groups can some times get things done where individuals can't.  There is power in numbers.  For all of those reasons, groups are appealing.

This is also true when decorating.  Take a bunch of one thing, ANYTHING, put them together and you have something that looks really cool.  For instance, take one baseball and put it some where - it looks like someone forgot to put their ball away after practice.  Put it in a basket with about 45 other balls and you have this….

Alone… not so great.  Together, we're on to something!  People comment about the baseballs in my son's room all the time!  I use this technique over and over again in my house.  I do it ALL THE TIME with candy and I switch that out with the season.  Obviously with valentines day around the corner this a perfect time for red! 

And this was just too pretty to put away after Christmas...

so I just took off the red bow that was around it and positioned it somewhere different.   I love the way this huge "cookie jar" of gum balls adds a big splash of color to the dining room!  I group things like this everywhere… the bathroom is not excluded.

These are hard to see due to the mirror but those are Q-tips, pretty shower curtain rod doodads and soap (I need to buy more soaps though)!  

Clearly, I group most of my things with glass jars. I find great prices on these at Home Goods.  I use them all the time, just put different things in them according to the season, so they're hardly stored.  The little scene below has been out since Fall. 

The key here is a bunch of something.  To make this look work it's better if you have A LOT of -- fill in your blank.  Plus the bigger the jar - the more the impact!  During the Spring I put out these really pretty pastel Cheerios.  Not a bowl full.  But instead, several boxes of the stuff!  And poof - instant style!

So easy, so inexpensive and yet it packs a powerful punch!  Now go out and find a bunch of one thing and have some fun!

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