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Why I married the Best Man.

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Why I married the best man.

How to make a barrel stave candle holder. 

When I got married, 10 plus years ago, the Pastor who officiated our ceremony, did something kind of funny when it came to the vows.  He tried to marry me off to the best man.  For some reason, BP (husband to-be) wasn't top of mind - his brother was - and he switched the names.  It went something like this, "do you Nicole take Scott to be your lawfully wedded husband…"  HUH?  We all got a chuckle out of it and that was it.  Of course, he corrected himself and I married the right man.  The "groom."  But while thinking about this post, and remembering my funny experience, it got me to realize - indeed I did marry the best man.  Not literally, in the terms of a wedding.  But really,  the BEST MAN.

Why is he the best man?  I think the biggest part of marriage is team work.  You have to be on the same team more than anything else… and you have to like your fellow player.  For life.  Meaning, best friends is an absolute must.  Together you are more powerful than apart.  It's that simple.  Where one leaves off, the other picks up.

Yesterday, was our big Christmas clean up day.  Yuck!  Love putting the decorations for the season up - hate taking them down.  It's really a bummer.  BP hates it as much as I and was dying to watch his Chargers on TV so bad… they were in the play-offs.  But before he did he helped me.  He took the big chores - all the outdoor lights and indoor trees.  I did everything else.  We finished much quicker than I imagined.  Because we worked together.  

Of course, team work goes far beyond cleaning up.  It's a life style.  I am One Picky Chick.  If you're reading this you know that.  I am fully aware many other men would want to trip me if I asked them to do what I ask of BP.  Yet, he knew so long ago and married me anyways.  In fact,  he for the most part, supports and helps me maintain my picky chick lifestyle.  Without him, I couldn't achieve the things I want to achieve every week.  Besides being an amazing provider by working hard in his career everyday, he's also often the brawn behind my "brain"… if we could call it that… on the weekends.  This is our latest project together.

It's a barrel stave candle holder…. or tea light holder.  We made one perfect for tea lights…

and one that has a little larger holes which works better for candle votives.

This one is on my table right now.  Red, in honor of the next holiday… Valentines Day.  Which for the record is around the corner.  Crazy, huh!?  And here's the deal:  I say we're a team, and we are, but BP came up with this one totally on his own.  It's as if my creative juices are rubbing off on him.  I guess after 10 years married, 20 plus together - what can you expect?  He's proud to have made this and I am impressed that he did.  This is why I say I married the best man.  Or rather should I say, MY best man.

I truly believe each one of us have our own "best man" out there.  Everyone's is different.  Thank goodness.  Can you imagine if there were only a few?  Us women would be fighting like cats and dogs!  Thankfully, there's no need because yours is out there too.  It's sounds hokey - but - you just have to find him.  Mine just happened to make me this…

If you're wondering how he did it... like I've said on this blog before… the hardest part is getting the barrel.  He did.  A used whiskey barrel - our garage smelled like a distillery for about a week!  He then broke it apart.

Next, he used his router to carve circles in the stave, sanded it a bit and lacquered it.  Done.  We used them for Christmas presents this year.  We also used one for our own Christmas dinner centerpiece.

He's not entirely finished.  There are MANY staves in a barrel and he has plans for some other things too.  I can't wait to see what's next.  Kind of like my marriage - to the best man.

In closing, when I was in my 20's I thought seriously about writing a book about True Love.  I thought it would be fun to travel around the country, interview honestly happy couples to find out their secret to love and marriage.  I never did it.  I stayed with the day job.  But Fawn Weaver, the founder of the Happy Wives Club, did do it.  She wrote a book about the best marriage secrets the world has to offer.     You can find it here

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