Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Men Eat this Salad - Seriously.

The Headlines:

It's the New Year.

Let's lighten up.

Eat salad.

Even the man in your life will eat this one.

It dawned on me the other day.  Most men think salads are for women.  Ah… they're not.  I was talking to a friend… she mentioned how her husband eats no vegetables of any kind.  Huh?  Seriously?  Yep she said… maybe every once in a blue moon, in a restaurant, he'll eat a little bit of the veggie side but that's it.  I asked her how his mom was at cooking when he was growing up.  She said, "his mom made 5 things… and that's it."  Yep, she would rotate those 5 things and that was pretty much what he grew up eating.  That - I said - is the problem.  When I met BP (husband) he would not bring a tomato close to his mouth.  He HATED them, he said.  Over the years, I kept ordering them and including them in at home meals.  Guess what?  One of his favorite salads is now the Caprese (tomatoes and mozzarella - with some basil thrown in)!   Right.  We finally deduced it was the way his mom prepared the salads as a child.  The same way my mom did.  They cut these huge chunks of tomatoes (or cucumbers or bell peppers - just fill in the vegetable) and left all those nasty slimy seeds in there.  It made the salad awful!  And he, in turn, grew up despising tomatoes!

So, back to my friend, I told her to - make the vegetables good.  Easier said than done?  Nope.  Just easy to do.  Here is a way to make any man eat a salad at home.  PUT SALAMI ON IT!

Now, I know salads are supposed to be uber-healthy but you and/or your husband can afford to slice up  4 pieces of the fatty stuff.  Trust me, that much goes a long way!  BP is starting the year off right and wants to eat a ton of my salads and this one hits the mark.  And by mark, I mean "man-mark".  Put salami on anything, I can almost guarantee that man will eat it.  BP had this last night.  It's like a light version of an antipasto salad.  SO easy.

You need:  romaine lettuce, chopped onions, olives, pepperoncinis, salami and tomatoes.  But remember when you chop those tomatoes, make them small like this…

so you just get one tiny tomato with some lettuce and salami in that mouthful.  That kind of goes for all the veggies in a salad: the key is making everything small so you can get a taste of all the elements in (almost) every single bite.  Then for a dressing I "fake make" it (Hidden Valley Ranch and Berenstein's Restaurant Italian - I wrote about it in another blog post- you can search it)… and everyone gobbles it up!

I promised my friend her husband would too.

Makes sense right?  We are so affected by what happens to us when we are children.  From serious stuff  to….. tomatoes!  The crazy thing is, we have no idea as it's happening.  A huge responsibility as parents though, right?  Scary actually, but true.  When I was a little girl I threw up after eating brussel sprouts.  Guess who never had a brussel sprout again?  But vegetables… like the entire food group… come on ladies - we can work with that!

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