Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Don't Diet! Just Eat Well.

The Headlines:

The new year is a new start.

Resolutions are hard to keep.

Goals are easy to work towards.

Every new year I know there are millions of people throughout America who make New Year's Resolutions.  And then, after a couple of good solid days - they promptly break them!  Why do they do that to themselves?  Torture?  Frustration?  Maybe desperation?  I know… peer pressure.  That's gotta be it.  News stations, magazines, television shows, probably websites... and shoot even blogs like mine talk about them, this time of year, incessantly.  Man is it irritating.  Especially because resolutions are made to be broken.  Really, it's human nature.  For instance, you start a diet January one where all you can eat is grapefruit.  I got a news flash for you, you're breaking that diet sooner than later.  Why?  You're hungry (forget the fact of malnourishment).  Who eats just grapefruits?  Now, on the other hand, you start a lifestyle change on the first of 2014 - where you'll be moving toward eating well each and every day… now maybe you're talking.

That, in my opinion, is the difference between a resolution and a goal.  One is hard and steadfast.  Resolution = break it and well, you suck.  The other is something you work for one day at a time.  Goal = long term daily decisions.  Ever since, maybe college… I have made New Year's Goals.

This New Year's Day think about achieving goals for the next 365 days.  What do you want to get done in 2014?  Lose weight?  Don't go on a crazy diet.  Set realistic goals in how you want to lose those 10 pounds.  Start walking, eliminate nightly treats, sign up at Improve Weight loss and Wellness Center in North Scottsdale (my friend owns it and wow is she good)… whatever it is figure out your plan for 2014 and do it.

I have another friend here in the valley of the sun whom I recently went to visit because she's been in her house for 10 years and still has some rooms totally unfinished - or maybe we should say, she just never started.  Her house is 4,000 plus square feet with a beautiful view and tons of potential - she just got busy with other stuff.  Heck, she's a mom!  We talked about "Defining her Style" which I saw as "Vibrant Spanish/American Comfort" because she has some colorful pieces in her home that she loves and leans towards.  Her goal for 2014 is to finally do some of the house projects she's been thinking about for years.  Not everything.  But today she will sit down and decide what house GOALS she wants to work for this year.  She will begin decorating her formal living room but if she doesn't totally finish it, that's okay.  She hasn't failed some New Year's Resolution - instead she's worked towards a goal.

She, and all of us, can work to achieve goals in 2014, I'm positive.  However, I'm not so sure we can stick by our Resolutions.  

This year, I will think about what I hope to accomplish in 2014.  It will, undoubtedly be a lot of house projects - which you will probably see along the way.   Plus, maybe a few other personal goals thrown in.   Whatever they are I will work hard to accomplish them.  If I fall a little short - that's okay.  Because perhaps it's more about the road you take on the way to your - goal destination.  One of my goals last year was to start this blog.  I did it.  Not that too many people know about it but - I did it.  It wasn't a resolution- instead a daily, long term goal. And I'm thoroughly enjoying writing here 3 times a week.  That, my friends, is good enough for me.  

So this year maybe skip the crash diet… just decide to eater better everyday.

Happy New Year!  

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