Friday, April 11, 2014

Baby's Flower "Chandelier"

The Headlines:

Everyone loves to decorate for baby.

Here's a great idea (if u have a girl)!

Oh the joys of being pregnant.  I mean that sarcastically and seriously.  It is a special time in ones life.  But for some, it's also an incredibly tiring, painful, uncomfortable time as well!  I got tired.  But that was about it.  Lucky.  I actually worked right up to having the babies come out!  Getting up at Oh-dark thirty and being on live TV was no problem.  What was a problem, however, was decorating that upcoming babies room - just right.  I am, a picky person, as you know.

It is always some time during the last few months of being pregnant, if not before, the mama bear usually starts wanting to make sure that nursery is perfect for its new guest!  I think they call it nesting.  I just call it pricey, prepared and pregnant.  I loved putting my nursery together.  Recently, my friend had her baby.  She was talking with me about a couple of additions she wanted to put in the room and described something similar to what I used to do (in my old house) for Christmas.  It's a kind of Wreath/ Chandelier.  Search this blog for "Be a Wreath Freak" if you're interested in seeing it.  Anyways, since I had done one before, I told her I would help her with it and away we went!

It is so simple to do, I can not even begin to tell you.  Well, actually, I can.  And I will.  But the point is… it's such an easy task that provides a lot of "pay off"… when it's done.  You'll see what I mean!

Here's what it took:

  1. Go to a craft/hobby store and buy a large grapevine wreath.  
  2. Peruse the fake flower aisle for all the colors and types of flowers you want to put in/on it.
  3. Then get a cool ribbon that you won't mind looking at for, well,  years.  
  4. Grab some black thread from your sewing kit (if you have one of those).
  5.  Poke the flowers in the wreath where they fit. 
  6.  Once they're placed where you want them… take the black thread (which is basically invisible,  btw, can you see it below there?) and lace it through which basically anchors the flowers.  Hot glue was not needed.

The whole thing took, like, minutes.

What was harder was hanging it.  My friend has high, high ceilings in her nursery.  Once she found a tall enough ladder, she just "laced" 3 long ribbons through the wreath and affixed them to a hook hung on the ceiling, where you want the "chandelier" to hang.

She chose to hang it above her babies dresser.  It looks adorable.  Inexpensive, easy and impressive.

Another option might be to hang it above a crib and it can be a chandelier/mobile.  If you do that, however, you may want to hot glue for extra strength.  Wherever it goes… it will look spectacular and people will do a double take every time they see it.  This Picky Chick loves loves loves it.  Time for another baby?  Hmmmmmmm… that wreath in my house - might just make it worth it!  Wait...


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