Monday, April 21, 2014

Best Bathing Suit (under $5) EVER!

The Headlines:

UPDATE -  June 16th, 2015 - BEST SWIM SUITS ever still sold by Wal-mart (shhhhhhhh)

Swim season is here.

You have to buy this suit!

Inexpensive, classic beauty awaits!

Okay, first let me say that I by no means think I am a fashion maven.  I do not know major designers, I shop fairly infrequently and my favorite "go to" clothing stores are H&M, Forever 21 and Nordstrom.  I'm not ashamed to say I even get some items at Target now and then.  I also know that the purpose of this blog is not to be commenting and giving style tips.  But I have one that I simply can NOT hold in.


For the ripe price of just under $5 - they went up from last year.

Let me back up a bit.  About 6 years ago I was in a Walmart at about 4:30 in the morning doing a live shot for our morning show about back to school supplies.  We had about an hour in between shots so I did what every hot blooded American woman would do… I browsed.  While doing that, I came upon these  cute, triangle top tie bikinis.  Bargain priced at

Can you see that?  If not, let me help you…. it says 


Seriously.  Per piece.  We're talking 10 bucks for a full suit!

I snatched up a few of them, which were hard to find since it was the end of the season.  But almost every year I go back to grab a couple more.  And here's the deal:  they are ADBORBS!!!  I get tons of compliments on them all the time because they're just a simple, classic, cool and cute beach/pool look that no matter what the bathing suit "fashion" that year… you can NOT go wrong!  They're made by OP and the colors change and evolve every year.  I have lavender, black, hot pink, yellow, neon… this year I bought white (top, white bottoms always frighten me a bit), green, a bright orange and a pale pink.  The best part is you mix and match them, check it out.

Or go solid... super classic! 

The fit is great… but after a couple seasons they stretch out a bit.  I think this is the first year they started cutting a tad more off that behind area!  Why are we getting so small down there, I ask!????  Almost everyone I've told about them, has gone to buy one, and they're never disappointed! You just can't go wrong.    

Last thing, the sizing is smaller than usual.  In most clothing stores I'm usually a small.  Or between a 2-4.  In these suits I go medium which the label says is 7-9.   Ouch.  But they go up to XL.  And really, sizing is so subjective these days do not be alarmed! 

So I am serious… this is a tip you can not ignore, if you're comfortable with a 2 piece of course.  If not, they have 1 pieces, I just can't speak to them.  But if they're as good as these… buy many!  And hurry! 


  1. Alrighty Wal-Mart run I will invest $10...

  2. I will have to check these out, I love me a cheap bathing suit!! ;)

  3. The way my body setup... I can't wear those little bikinis. Great deals. I'm spreading the word.

    1. i know it may not be for EVERYONE... but it's a good basic if the body allows!

  4. So cute! I just may have to pick one up!


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