Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Not Your Normal Taco!

The Headlines:

It's Cinco De Mayo (soon).

Tired of the same ol' thing!?

Try this!

Hola!  I grew up in sunny Southern California, by the beach, no less.  Close to the Mexican border.  We never ate mexican food.  Everyone else did.  Like it was everyone's favorite.  But my mom hated it!    So, by association, I did too.

When I met BP (my husband), he changed my mind.  Drastically.  He loved all things Mexican food.  Plus, he was good at making things Mexican.  Really good!  He does theeeee best guacamole, he has this awesome place in San Diego where he buys (not makes) a carne asada that is so good there is absolutely no need to do our own - ever.  Then, his margarita's…. forget about it.  You know, I think I'll (re) post them this week.  I did them, separately, last summer when NO ONE was reading my blog.  I'm not even sure I had told anyone I was doing it.  Okay, maybe like 2 people.  But now I'm up to 10 and I want to re-share because those 10 people deserve to hear about this marg and guac - it's just THAT GOOD!  Totally Picky chick approved.

Anyhow, back to the post at hand.  Since BP was such a show off with his major Mexican food - I had to keep up… so… drum roll please… this is the new taco being served at Casa de Picky Chick!

The New Taco

You could consider it a hearty Mexican type appetizer or a starter course.  If it were me, I'd serve it as the first course of a Mexican dinner because my guess is the guests have never seen or tasted this at El Torito before!  Therefore, it needs to be highlighted!

Basically, it's a mushroom/spinach type of "taco" served with salsa & avocado… if you choose.  I added chips below too.  It takes, literally minutes to make, like most all my stuff and it packs a powerful punch.

Here's what you'll need:
flour tortillas  (I guess you could try corn but those would probably break apart too easy)
1 lb of cut mushrooms
6 oz spinach
almost a whole, chopped medium sized yellow onion
2 cups shredded pepperjack cheese
smidge of white wine (optional)
olive oil
salt and pepper
chips (optional)
*makes 12 muffin sized "taco's"

Here it goes: get a muffin tin and turn on your oven to 450.  Spray tin with olive oil in each of its cups.  Take your tortillas, heat them and rip them apart so they fit into the cups.  They'll look a little crude but it works.  I was using large tortillas and ripping them into 4's.

Heat about 2 tblspns of oil, over a medium flame, in a large saucepan and throw in the onions when it's ready.  When they're golden brown add all of your cut mushrooms.  Once the olive oil starts to get dry and you think they need more "juice" add a little white wine.   Or if you don't have a bottle handy.. use more oil.  You'll know when they mushrooms are fully sautéed, about 6 minutes, they'll be much smaller!  While that's happening, take a large bowl and place the spinach in the bowl.  Also, the shredded cheese.  Once the mushroom mix is finished… throw it on top of the spinach.  Stir.  Then add salt and pepper to taste.

The cheese melts and the spinach wilts and here's the weird part: you could stop here!!!  At this point, it's a really really good wilted, spinach salad.  You could totally use this as a starter salad with a steak dinner or something like that!  I honestly couldn't stop eating it!  But I made myself and pressed on.   For my purpose, on this day, I was making taco's!

Once fully mixed, take the vegetable mixture and put it in each cup.  Then, add a little extra shredded cheese on top!

Pop it into the oven and bake for about 5-7 minutes.  The "tacos" will be melty and a little brown on the very top.  Si si si!

Add a few drops of salsa, maybe some Tabasco. Cut some avocado… whatever you feel like doing.  
Serve!  They're great right out of the oven… and your guests will taste something unlike ever before this Cinco de Mayo (or any mexican themed dinner party you serve them at)!  Muy Bueno!


  1. What a great way of showing BP that you, too, can make one heck of a wicked Mexican dish! YUM!!

    1. RIght! thank you! but his marg and guac (on today's post) will probably win everyone's hearts even before my first course!


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