Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Broccoli Pizza

The Headlines:

Quick kid meals rule.

But health matters.

Here's an idea kids will love (and parents will too!)

Here at our house Pizza is a major dinner staple.  I would go so far as to say it may be one of my favorite foods.  Which is why we have it once a week.  No more.  It's our weekly dinner treat. I know this is not a foreign routine to families all over America.  It works for many of us.

Now, I already shared with you my favorite frozen pizza of all time.  And if you didn't see it… just click here … now I'd like to let you in on another little (frozen) Pizza trick of mine.  It's my second favorite thing to do when it come to eating pizza at home.  I call it Broccoli Pizza.

Broccoli Pizza
Just look at that bright green, flowery broccoli.  Scary for most parents, right?  Kids will cower!  No way - it's on pizza - where anything goes!  Here's the best part, looks like a lot of work but you didn't make this pizza… you simply enhanced it!

First, grab your favorite frozen, cheese pizza. Heat up your oven according to their package instructions.  While that's warming, take (I use organic) broccoli florets and break them up quite a bit.  Put them in a bowl and then douse with olive oil and a tiny salt.  When the oven is ready the  "marinating" broccoli should be ready too.  The just place all the little broccoli pieces on top.

Cook and voila!  The broccoli shouldn't burn because the olive oil protects it and makes it super yummy when it comes out.  It's like cooked, not too much, but almost al dente like. 

My kids usually eat the broccoli first! 

You can put any and all toppings on a pizza like this… but this is my fav.  Makes it a little healthier... so I can eat more!

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